Preparing For A Wedding

My grandson, Tyler, is getting married this Saturday. Oh my, that’s tomorrow! Preparations are being done, last evening separate celebrations were held for both the bride and groom, rehearsal is today. Tomorrow is the big day! Excitement is running high!

On Wednesday, my favorite hairstylist cut my hair. That would be my daughter-in-law, Jessica. Since they have moved to Georgia I haven’t had my hair cut since June! New haircut

Yesterday Haleigh, one of my granddaughter’s and sister to the groom, and I had a pedicure!  Haleigh & Me  We picked out our colors. We both chose very light. Haleigh pedicure  Haleigh looks happy! Pedicure  Oh my, this feels soooo good! The massage on my back…oh my! The treatment on my feet and legs…ah!

New feet  Our new feet! Then I decided to also have a manicure!

Last evening we went shopping at Forum Shopping Center. What a neat place to shop! Yes, I bought a few things. I already have a new dress to wear to the wedding, but I bought some accessories!

Okay…I also bought a dress and a shirt! I couldn’t resist!

I have an attraction to camels since I rode one up Mt Sinai in Egypt back in about 1998. So here’s my new shirt! Can you see the camels? New Camel shirtsHaleigh liked it so she bought one too!

Today, I’m staying home while the Jessica is busy with wedding details. Then later Rob, Jessica, and Haleigh will go to the rehearsal and dinner. I’ll stay here with Elmise and Armon when they come home from school. We’ll have a good time together!

This evening more company from out of state will be arriving!

Then tomorrow is the big day! I’m now all ready!

Happy Birthday, Tyler

Happy Birthday, Ty! I suspect this birthday isn’t quite as important or exciting as most birthdays are…your big day this year is coming up on Saturday, August 15! Your wedding day. But let’s celebrate your birthday here.

Tyler  Twenty-three years! That’s a good age, an exciting age. Grandpa was 23 when I married him! I think life is very busy for you right now. You’re finishing up college, you’re doing quite a lot of speaking, actually preaching. God is using you. And…you’ve been courting Rebecca! Life is good!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Ty. He’s a fine young man. He’s soon to become a husband. Please guide him in the way You want him to go. He’s a student, a traveler, a speaker, and soon to be a groom! Please keep him safe as he drives, and travels by other means. He’s a son, a brother, a grandson, a fiance, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, and a neighbor. I love Ty so much and You love him even more!

Bridal Shower for my granddaughter-in-law

I will soon have another granddaughter-in-law! Tyler and Rebecca are here for Haleigh’s graduation. So this evening we had a gift card bridal shower for Rebecca. They both live in Atlanta and will be flying back in a couple of days. A gift card shower made sense! It was held at my house and we had a lovely time!


For snacks we had raspberry pie, cream puffs, melon and grapes combined, coffee cake, punch and/or coffee. It was all delicious!


Leah, our pastor’s wife, prayed for the special couple. They have a bright future in ministry together.


Rebecca, Tyler, & Leah

Happy Birthday, Tyler

Happy Birthday, Ty! 22? Already? One more year of college!  My, how the years have gone by!  You’ve grown into a fine man and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA are already having a good share of speaking engagements.  Maybe someday I can hear you! In this picture it looks like you’re thinking, “Really, Grandma, did you have to take this picture?!” Well, yes, I did have to! 🙂 I wish for you a great, fun day today. You’re a son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, friend and neighbor.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Tyler! He’s a fine young man, studying for the ministry. Please guide him. Watch over him and keep him safe as he drives, studies, works, plays. I love Ty so much and You love him even more!