Happy Birthday, Chrystalene Beth

Happy Birthday, Christy!  Christy & Pam 2015 (2)  You are on the left of my two beautiful daughters, Christy and Pam! I don’t seem to have a recent picture of just you! But this is a good, recent one! Sisters! I love both of you! You were the baby of the family for five years! Then a new brother, Rob, was born, giving us five wonderful and beautiful children.

Now, even though you assured me you were not following me, you have five wonderful, beautiful children! You’ve given me five fantastic, gorgeous grandchildren! Thank you for this precious gift! I wish I could be there to help them, and Sean, celebrate your day!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Christy! You have blessed her with five children. Please help her as she guides, plays, comforts, disciplines, and loves them. Please keep Christy well and safe as she drives here and there. Help her with her business. Keep her trusting in You, draw her ever closer to You. I love Christy so much and You love her even more. 

Happy Birthday, Maddie

Happy Birthday, Maddie! Maddie nine years old! Madelyn Grace…a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! You are my youngest grandchild and just look at you! Nine years old! I can hardly believe it! You’re a very sweet granddaughter! I do wish we could be together more! But with you in South Carolina and me in Michigan, well, we get together as often as we can. I’m sure your family is celebrating with you! I wish Grandpa and I could be there, too.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Maddie! She’s such a sweet girl. Please be with her, keep her safe as she goes to school each day on the bus. Please keep her well as she grows up. Help her to make good friends who will influence her in the right ways. Help her to learn of You and to love You. I love Maddie so much and You love her even more!

Happy Birthday, Max

Happy Birthday, Max!


You’re a man now! Isn’t that what 21 means? And what a handsome young man, you are! Life is very busy for you, I know, with going to college and working. I’m sure there’s never a dull moment! I was sooooo glad to see you when I went down for Miller’s graduation. I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you and the rest of your family. Maybe another year Grandpa and I can.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Max! He’s a very ambitious young man. Please watch over him, keep him safe as he works, drives, studies, plays, and interacts with friends. Help him to know You are real and You are love. He’s a son, grandson, brother, cousin, nephew, friend, and neighbor. I love Max so much and You love him even more.

Happy Anniversary, Christy and Sean

Happy Anniversary, Christy and Sean! Christy & Sean '14  This is year 22! Can you believe it? Time sure flies by! Well, I suppose with three children in college, one in middle school and one in elementary school, there are days when it does seem like 22 years! I’m proud of you and of your beautiful family!

I’m not sure what you’re doing today but I do know that this fall just the two of you are going to Ireland! What a wonderful trip that will be! Oh, I know it’s not all pleasure but it’ll still be a fabulous experience for the two of you!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Christy and Sean! Thank You for their marriage. Bless their marriage. Please keep them close to each other. Give them wisdom in raising their children. Guild them in their plans for this fall and then later on. I love Christy and Sean so much and You love them even more!             



Happy Birthday, Miller

Happy Birthday, Miller! Where has the time gone? You’re 18 years old, you graduated from high school a few weeks ago, with honor, I should add, and you’ll soon be in college! Not to mention, you’re almost 6 feet 5 inches tall! Miller Grad (2)  Oh boy, the girls are going to be after you! But you’re quite level-headed, so, as your grandmother, I’ll try not to worry! You’ll be the third student, in your family, to be in college this fall!

When I was at your house for your graduation I came across a scene I shall never forget. I was fortunate to get a picture of it! Miller & Maddie (2)  There you were working on your new laptop, little sister, Maddie, was lying on the sofa, listening to music. Your arms were outstretched to reach each other and there you were, holding hands! What a thrill for this grandma to happen to see! Brotherly – sisterly love!

You’re the middle child in a family of five children. I’m sure the family is celebrating with you on your 18th birthday! I wish I could be there too!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Miller! He’s a great kid and has so much potential! Please watch over him, guide him, protect him. Keep him safe as he drives, help him to make the right kind of friends in college. keep him well. Help him to remember You and to know that You care for him and that You love him. I love Miller so much and You love him even more!

This Grandma Was Determined

Miller graduated from high school at 4:00 on June 4, 2015. Haleigh graduated from high school at 7:00 on June 5, 2015. No problem…I can go to both! I have 15 grandchildren and am determined to be present at each one’s graduation, no matter where they live! Even if it means going to Malaysia, Canada, South Carolina, Illinois, Michigan! So far, so good!

This year it was a bit tricky! Miller graduated in South Carolina, Haleigh in Michigan…one day apart! I flew to South Carolina and enjoyed a week with the family, ending with Miller’s graduation at 4:00 PM on Thursday, June 4. Miller Grad (2)  Miller graduating


Miller and me!

After graduation, there was a family and friends supper. Miller wanted home-made pizza! So there were at least four big pizzas made by my son-in-law, Sean, and neighbor, Ruth. They were all delicious! My favorite was ham and pineapple! Chips and homemade salsa and fruit were appetizers. I made a watermelon fruit basket. I couldn’t find a long watermelon! I found a round one that was shaped just right and sat up perfectly! I filled it with watermelon balls, blueberries, strawberries, and green grapes. Oreo Ice Cream Cake was dessert made by Miller’s Aunt Corrie!


Watermelon Fruit Basket.

At 5:15 AM, Friday morning, June 5, daughter, Christy, drove me to the airport to board my United Airline plane and go home for Haleigh’s graduation at 7:00 PM that evening. No problem. I would fly to Washington D C, then to Chicago, then to Midland, Michigan, arriving at 4:00 PM. Graduation was to be at 7:00 PM! I could do this! No problem…WRONG!

I had booked my plane through Cheapo Air. That was my big mistake! For some reason, I couldn’t print out my ticket. I always had before on flights. I did confirm my flight on-line before I left home! But not before I left Columbus! When we arrived at the airport I thought my flight was with United. Oh no, it was American Airlines! Well, skipping details here, I missed my plane! A kind gentleman booked me on another flight, but not to Washington DC! To Philadelphia, then to Chicago. I made that flight!

I arrived in Philadelphia and found my gate only to discover I had missed my plane! What!? How could I miss two planes in one day? So another kind person booked me on another flight to Chicago. This time on US Air. I had to find my way from American terminal to US Air terminal! A very long way but I was given directions and I made it!

When I arrived in Chicago I had to change terminals again! This time from US Air to United. Another very long way but I found it! Next I decided I’d better find a restroom. There wasn’t one nearby! I asked and was told where to go. On my way back to my gate, can you believe it? I got lost!

I stopped to ask directions and a very kind young man offered to push me in a wheelchair! I told him I didn’t need a wheelchair, I just needed to find my gate. He took my suitcase and said, “I’ll take you there.” As we walked we visited. He was very young, 19 or 20 years; very good-looking; very friendly. I noticed he keep looking around for signs, we had to backtrack once. Finally, he told me he’d only been working there for three days! So he was still finding his way around! The name on his name tag was very strange so I asked him to pronounce it for me. “Oh! What country is that from,” I asked. He said, “Africa”. So I asked what country in Africa. His answer made me laugh! He said he googled it but he still doesn’t know! We had a good time visiting and finding our way back to my departure gate.

I wanted to give him a tip for helping me. I didn’t have any idea how much I should give him. I gave him $3.00, but I wish I’d given him $5.00. If he had pushed me in a wheelchair I know I would have given him $5.00, but all we did was walk.  But guess what! I’m not the only one who enjoyed our walking and talking! Before he left me at my gate, he gave me a big hug! I’m going to look for him anytime I’m in Chicago O’Hare Airport again! I wonder if he’ll remember me? I’ll never forget him!

I arrived home on time! Jerry was waiting for me. He fixed a lunch for me, I took a shower and we left for Haleigh’s graduation ceremony! Haleigh grad 4  Graduation Haleigh (2)  Graduation Haleigh (3)  Haleigh grad (2)  The end of a very long, but very worthwhile day! My grandchildren are worth it and this grandma was determined!!!

This morning Jerry asked me how I felt about the day. Wasn’t I terribly frustrated? I was so glad I could tell him honestly that I knew God was with me all the way. I never doubted it. What a mighty God we serve!

New Bucket List

This was a short bucket list I wrote in 2012. I accomplished eight of them!

1. Go to Colorado to visit my, 98-year-old, mother. 

2. Write more chapters of my parents and family story.

3. Lose 15 pounds and keep it off.
4. Ride an elephant.
5. Help Armon with learning.
6. Create Christmas card.
7. Have a get-together with my friend, Dean, and his wife.
8. Accomplish fall cleaning.
9. Create newsletter bi-weekly.
10 Enter photography contest.
11. Communicate with Andrew and wife.

Now, we’re in 2015, I need to make a bucket list for this year! So here goes…


17. Travel to Ireland.

1.  Go to South Carolina to Miller’s graduation. Done June.

2.  Go to Haleigh’s graduation. Done June.

3.  Go to Haiti. Done July.

4.  Finish my writing on My Big Brother and send it to him!

5.  Continue writing my parents story.

6.  Lose weight.

7.  Attend Conference in May. Done May.

8.   Have family ‘get-together’ here in July or August. Done.

9.  Continue writing Prime Time News newsletter bi-weekly. Done.

10. Create Christmas card.

11. Communicate with Andrew and Katie.

12. Sort books and give appropriate books to book receivers.

13. Clean and arrange reading room.

14. Clean wood floors and wax.

15. Ride an elephant.

16. Go dog-sledding.  Feb. 26, 2015

Well, that’s it for now. I may add to it later…