Happy Birthday, Rob

Happy Birthday, Robert Glen.


I can’t find a recent picture of just you! But this is a good one of both you and Jessica.

You were named after both of your grandfathers! They were both good men so you are honored to bear their names. You didn’t get to meet Robert because he died, from cancer, in 1951. He would have been pleased to have a grandson named for him. You did get to know Glen. He was a happy and proud grandpa to have you bear his name.

Your dad and I are both very proud of you. You’ve taken on a huge responsibility adopting two children, giving you a family of six. We wish we could celebrate your birthday with you. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Rob! Please give him an extra sense of Your presence today. Keep him safe as he drives, alert as he works, loving as a husband and dad, ever-growing in his walk with You. He’s a fine man, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, and neighbor. I love Rob so much and You love him even more.


Happy Birthday, Armon

Happy Birthday, Armon! Armon - wedding I can’t believe you’re 11 years old today! In this picture, you were all dressed up ready for your big brother’s wedding! It was a big day! Here’s a picture of you and me together, on that day! Grandma & Armon  I’m so glad I got to go to the wedding! I’m, most of all, glad I got to visit your whole family for a whole week!

Now today is your 11th birthday! This is the first year since you’ve been in the US, that I’m not baking and decorating a cake for you! That makes me sad! I loved how you loved my cakes! It’s also the first year I’ve not celebrated with you! But I’m with you in spirit and I know you’re having company for supper. So, with your family and your company, I’m sure you’ll have a good birthday!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Armon! He’s growing up so quickly! Please be with him, reveal Your love for him, help him to give himself to You completely. Please keep him safe and well. Help him to make good friends who’ll influence him in good positive ways. Help him with his school work. I love Armon so much, and You love him even more!

Preparing For A Wedding

My grandson, Tyler, is getting married this Saturday. Oh my, that’s tomorrow! Preparations are being done, last evening separate celebrations were held for both the bride and groom, rehearsal is today. Tomorrow is the big day! Excitement is running high!

On Wednesday, my favorite hairstylist cut my hair. That would be my daughter-in-law, Jessica. Since they have moved to Georgia I haven’t had my hair cut since June! New haircut

Yesterday Haleigh, one of my granddaughter’s and sister to the groom, and I had a pedicure!  Haleigh & Me  We picked out our colors. We both chose very light. Haleigh pedicure  Haleigh looks happy! Pedicure  Oh my, this feels soooo good! The massage on my back…oh my! The treatment on my feet and legs…ah!

New feet  Our new feet! Then I decided to also have a manicure!

Last evening we went shopping at Forum Shopping Center. What a neat place to shop! Yes, I bought a few things. I already have a new dress to wear to the wedding, but I bought some accessories!

Okay…I also bought a dress and a shirt! I couldn’t resist!

I have an attraction to camels since I rode one up Mt Sinai in Egypt back in about 1998. So here’s my new shirt! Can you see the camels? New Camel shirtsHaleigh liked it so she bought one too!

Today, I’m staying home while the Jessica is busy with wedding details. Then later Rob, Jessica, and Haleigh will go to the rehearsal and dinner. I’ll stay here with Elmise and Armon when they come home from school. We’ll have a good time together!

This evening more company from out of state will be arriving!

Then tomorrow is the big day! I’m now all ready!

What Happened Here

What happened here? Why did we leave our house at 3:00 AM to drive an hour and a half for me to board a plane and fly to Atlanta, only to discover the flight was cancelled!

Tuesday Prayer:
“Waking or sleeping, O God, I thank you that I am in your care. Holy Lord, I rest in you today, putting all my trust and hope in you and depending on the work of your Spirit to sustain me and to make Jesus real in my life. Holy Trinity, be in and around, behind and before me this day, I pray, as I worship and serve you. Amen.”

A former college classmate, Howard Snider, writes a prayer for every day and posts them on facebook. This was today’s prayer! I read it after we returned home from Flint!

Let me tell you how this all went! Boy, does this prayer fit!

I hardly slept last night at all. I finally got up at 2:15 AM and took a shower. Jerry got up at 2:50 AM. We drank coffee and at 3:10 we left to drive to Flint so I could fly to Atlanta, Georgia. My plane was scheduled to leave at 5:37 AM.

I printed my ticket out yesterday late afternoon, so I didn’t need to check in. However, because my children insisted, I needed to ask if the ticket agent could schedule a wheelchair for me at both the Chicago and Atlanta airports. The agent looked at my ticket and said, “Sorry, Mam, but this flight has been canceled!” “What? How can that be?” I asked. “I wasn’t notified! Wouldn’t they let me know?” Well, apparently not.

He said, “If you drive to Lansing, I can get you on a plane leaving from there, but you’ll have to hurry!”

Jerry had dropped me off and he was headed back home! So I called him, thank goodness he had his cell phone with him! While I was explaining to him that he needed to turn around and come back so we could drive to Lansing, the agent asked where we lived. I answered Midland.

“Oh, I can book a plane for you from MBS.” So he then issued new tickets for me from MBS, which is where I wanted to fly out of to begin with! I only chose Flint because the difference in price was so much lower on American Airlines, rather than United, which flies out of MBS. He issued the tickets for me right then, for flights on United to both Chicago and Atlanta!

So we drove an hour and a half back home. We both laid down and slept! When I got on my computer I read the prayer Howard Snider had posted for this day! I sat there and read it a second time. It spoke right to me. I read it to Jerry when he got up. He was amazed, like I was, how it fit us so perfectly for this day!

So now, here I am in Atlanta, Georgia. I had good flights.  I did have wheelchairs waiting for me, both in Chicago and Atlanta. One of my feet has been swollen ever since I was in Haiti so I really did need the wheelchairs. I would have had quite a long walk in both airports!

How thankful I am for my daily walk with the Lord. He leads me and guides me. One of my favorite verses is Nehemiah 8:10. The joy of the Lord is my strength.


Jessica, Armon, Elmise, and Haleigh look happy I arrived!


Happy Birthday, Tyler

Happy Birthday, Ty! I suspect this birthday isn’t quite as important or exciting as most birthdays are…your big day this year is coming up on Saturday, August 15! Your wedding day. But let’s celebrate your birthday here.

Tyler  Twenty-three years! That’s a good age, an exciting age. Grandpa was 23 when I married him! I think life is very busy for you right now. You’re finishing up college, you’re doing quite a lot of speaking, actually preaching. God is using you. And…you’ve been courting Rebecca! Life is good!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Ty. He’s a fine young man. He’s soon to become a husband. Please guide him in the way You want him to go. He’s a student, a traveler, a speaker, and soon to be a groom! Please keep him safe as he drives, and travels by other means. He’s a son, a brother, a grandson, a fiance, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, and a neighbor. I love Ty so much and You love him even more!

Happy Birthday, Jessica

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Jessica with Tulips This is one of my favorite pictures of you! Of course, I took the picture and the tulips are from my own back yard! But the most important part of the picture is you! You are beautiful! I miss you beyond words. I wish for you the best in your new endeavors: your new home, new job, new friends, new church, and more. I wish I could celebrate with you today! Talking with you earlier this morning, I know that you and Rob climbed Stone Mountain very early this morning and watched the sunrise! That’s a good way to begin the day!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Jessica! Please bless her as she lives for You and then for her family. Help her in her work as a registered nurse. Please keep her safe in the Atlantic traffic, keep her well, be her strength as a wife and mother. Give her wisdom when trials come. She’s a wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, and neighbor. I love Jessica so much and You love her even more!

I Don’t Like Goodbyes

Time is going far too quickly. Goodbye is coming. The two most important families in my world, here in my city, are leaving…  Moving away…   Within the next couple of months, they’ll be gone. I’ll be here. They’re excited. I’m sad.

My youngest son, Rob; daughter-in-law, Jessica; granddaughters, Haleigh, 18 and Elmise, 13; and grandson, Armon, 10, who now live next door and have lived here for 19 years, are moving to Georgia!

My pastor, David, and his wife, Leah, are moving to accept a new challenge and position. They, having ministered here to us for 20 years, are moving to Kansas!

I love a challenge and I’m not one to back away when one is presented to me! But I’m the one being left behind. The future, in my world, looks blank.

Where would I be without my personal faith in my loving Saviour? I would be kicking and screaming, heartbroken and crying!

While I am sad, I’m trusting God to take care of Rob and Jessica and family. They’ll need good jobs (Jessica, R.N. has one); nice home; good schools; good church; Haleigh as a college freshman, settled into dorm life; good friends and neighbors. They are trusting God. He knows all about their family and their move. I’m trusting God for them, even though it hurts.

While I am sad, I’m trusting God to go with Pastor Dave and Leah. Pastor Dave having just earned his Doctor in Ministry, PH.D and will be pastoring a church and teaching ministerial students in a college. Pastor Dave will need just the right treatment for his MS. As far as delivering sermons, I think Pastor Dave is the best preacher I’ve ever heard! He is truly used by God.

Because I am a true believer, I’m trusting God to give us just the right neighbors next door and to send just the right man to fill the position of Lead Pastor of our church. Pastor Dave told us Sunday how God has been leading them to this point in their lives. So…is God working on just the right man to move here and minister to me, to us?

While I still have to say good-bye, I’ll be saying it with hope in what God has in store for me…for us.