New, Old Flower Bed

I love flowers. But, living in the woods isn’t a good place for growing flowers. I’ve tried and tried and have had only a little success.

I also love antiques. We have lots. The ones that mean the most are ones that have been in my family from years and years ago.

One of our antiques is an old double bed frame. It’s been in the family for years and years! In fact, Jerry slept in it in his growing up years.Now, what does a person do with an old iron bed frame? It’s been hanging in our pole barn for years.

Somewhere, in our travels, we saw a ‘flower bed’ or ‘bed of flowers’ in a yard! It was an old iron bed frame with flowers blooming inside!

So that’s where the idea came to us. Last fall Jerry and I worked hard making a flower bed inside the frame of our old iron bed frame! IMG_1495  It used to be black, we painted it brown.

It’s still not what I want it to be yet, but we have had flowers blooming in it this summer! Flowerbed 2 (2)  Flowerbed 1 (3) In the right-hand corner, I have a lonely, little, red Petunia.  Actually, I planted Petunias all along there but most of them didn’t make it.  IMG_2208 (2)  This is a close-up of an Oriental Lily.

I’ll have Dahlia’s blooming early this fall. So there you have it!



WWW=Work worth while!

We have a hard time growing flowers in our woods. But we try…

Yesterday I saw and BOUGHT a Hibiscus bush to plant! I know…I know. Hibiscus plants need sun!   I studied our yard and placed the plant right where I think it’ll get the most sun. Just look at my beautiful Hibiscus today! ???????????????????????????????  It wasn’t blooming yesterday!  We have some neighbors with a large bush in their front yard. It’s just beautiful! So maybe I can have one too!

Okay, we planted it last evening. First we went to Lowe’s and bought some good soil with fertilizer  in it. We followed the directions, exactly… This morning another flower opened up! I just hope I can keep it living…year after year after year!!!

Another project I’m working on is in our back yard. Consumer’s Power put two ugly yellow line guards at the back of our yard so folks won’t run into their wires. I hate those yellow guards. We had planted a Pine Tree seventeen years ago to hide them. But this summer ???????????????????????????????Consumer’s came and cut our Pine Tree down! Those yellow guards showed up like sore thumbs! This picture shows the man half way up the tree.

So…we had a piece of fencing that I dragged out of our burning pile a couple of years ago. It was just leaning out on the far side of our pole barn, waiting for me to find a good place to use it! I found the place! ???????????????????????????????  Rob is a strong son! ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  Even Jerry got into the act! He’s pulling those nasty vines down from other trees…if only they would grow up those ugly yellow thingy’s!

So now my next project will be to wash down and paint the fence. Next spring I hope to plant some flowering vine’s to grow up the fence. Something that will come up every year! Stay tuned to hear and hopefully see progress and a beautiful flowered vine!