New, Old Flower Bed

I love flowers. But, living in the woods isn’t a good place for growing flowers. I’ve tried and tried and have had only a little success.

I also love antiques. We have lots. The ones that mean the most are ones that have been in my family from years and years ago.

One of our antiques is an old double bed frame. It’s been in the family for years and years! In fact, Jerry slept in it in his growing up years.Now, what does a person do with an old iron bed frame? It’s been hanging in our pole barn for years.

Somewhere, in our travels, we saw a ‘flower bed’ or ‘bed of flowers’ in a yard! It was an old iron bed frame with flowers blooming inside!

So that’s where the idea came to us. Last fall Jerry and I worked hard making a flower bed inside the frame of our old iron bed frame! IMG_1495  It used to be black, we painted it brown.

It’s still not what I want it to be yet, but we have had flowers blooming in it this summer! Flowerbed 2 (2)  Flowerbed 1 (3) In the right-hand corner, I have a lonely, little, red Petunia.  Actually, I planted Petunias all along there but most of them didn’t make it.  IMG_2208 (2)  This is a close-up of an Oriental Lily.

I’ll have Dahlia’s blooming early this fall. So there you have it!


Flowergirl and a Bow


My mother made my flower girl gown. It was 1942 or ’43 and I was four years old. We lived in Des Moines, Iowa. Mother was almost finished when she decided to add a bow about two inches above the hemline of the dress. The bow made it special! She finished sewing my dress, pressed it, and oh, it was beautiful! It was a perfect fit!


Anita Flower Girl, 4 yrs.

Anita, the flower girl with a bow.

Hmmm…do you wonder why she sewed a bow near the bottom of the dress? Well, I had a baby brother, Billy. I suspect he was crying and needed attention! Whatever the reason…my dress ended up with an ugly scorch mark! I don’t know who came up with idea of a bow covering the spot, but it was a good idea! Mother was an excellent seamstress so she may have thought of it herself. There was enough material left over so she made a beautiful bow!

Not long ago I was looking at pictures of President Polk’s wife. She was known for her beautiful gowns. One had a beautiful bow on the skirt of the dress! Hmmm, I wonder if someone made a mistake and covered it with a bow?!

Bow on a gown Mrs Polk

Mrs. Poke’s with a bow on her gown!

Here’s a picture of the entire wedding party in 1942 or ’43. My dad assisted in the ceremony. He’s the first man on the left, second row from the top.

Anita flower girl wedding

Anita (Williamson) Archer, flower girl; 1st row: ? French; ? Matheny, bride; ??, groom; Norma French; 2nd row: ??; Wyla (Notbohm) Skeen; Annabelle (King) Kerestly ; 3rd row: Rev. Glen Williamson; Rev. J.K. French; Rev. E.W. Walls; 4th row: ??; ??; ??.

Happy Birthday, Jessica

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Jessica with Tulips This is one of my favorite pictures of you! Of course, I took the picture and the tulips are from my own back yard! But the most important part of the picture is you! You are beautiful! I miss you beyond words. I wish for you the best in your new endeavors: your new home, new job, new friends, new church, and more. I wish I could celebrate with you today! Talking with you earlier this morning, I know that you and Rob climbed Stone Mountain very early this morning and watched the sunrise! That’s a good way to begin the day!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Jessica! Please bless her as she lives for You and then for her family. Help her in her work as a registered nurse. Please keep her safe in the Atlantic traffic, keep her well, be her strength as a wife and mother. Give her wisdom when trials come. She’s a wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, and neighbor. I love Jessica so much and You love her even more!

Beautiful Dahlia Hill

FullSizeRender (6)                                                      In our fair city we have many beautiful parks but nothing is better than Dahlia Hill in the fall! It’s maintained by volunteers and is truly beautiful! Dahlia’s range from all different varieties. It’s amazing! FullSizeRender (13)  I love to take pictures of bee’s in the middle of the flower. I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me! They just let me take their pictures in the flowers! FullSizeRender (11)  IMG_1277 (2)  FullSizeRender (10)  IMG_1288 (2)  0929141417 (2)  I even got this picture with a grasshopper on a Dahlia!  FullSizeRender (9)                         These Dahlia’s and the Bee’s were created by God!

Final Good-bye’s

Putting a person’s body, or in our case, ashes into the ground is really the final good-bye. Today was our final good-bye to Lorraine, two years ago today. Her ashes are beside those of her husband, George. They are in the most beautiful and most well cared for cemetery I’ve ever been to! It’s a veteran’s cemetery, only for military personnel and their families. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

On September 9, 2013 we buried my Mother’s ashes in Washington so on our way we stopped in Oregon at the cemetery to visit Lorraine’s grave again and put fresh flowers on it. ??????????????

Lorraine’s name had been put on now so I was glad to see it finished. The three words at the bottom are: LIVE LIFE LARGE! That describes Lorraine well!

We also looked for the grave of my brother-in-law, Bob.???????????

Then on to Washington to bury my Mother’s ashes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She was buried beside my Dad. The next pic is my nephew, Chris, officiating.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy brother and his wife, Cookie. Richard, talked about our sister, Lorraine, and her untimely death.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bill and Vel, my younger brother and sister-in-law. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My daughter, Pam, son-in-law, Gene and my husband, Jerry. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cousins who attended: Rhonda, Chris, Pam, Sonja, Austin, Taylor and Mackenzie.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A  few of my parents friends came to pay their respects. Most of my parents friends are gone now. This is Beth, Gene and Harold, such good friends.

We stayed all night so in the morning we went back to the cemetery to see the grave with the stone placed. We arranged the flowers again.

????????????????????????  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I don’t know of any way or time I can go back out to the west coast to visit these grave sites again. I treasure these pictures.


Saying Good-bye

20130904_105106  It’s never easy to say good-bye. One year ago, today, we said good-bye to my mother. I think it was a beautiful service and I think she would have liked it! We truly honored her.

My brother, Bill, has a son, Chris, who is a minister. We asked him to officiate at the service. He did a fine job! I’m proud of him. Both of my brothers and I each gave a tribute to Mother. Vel, Bill’s wife, also gave a tribute. Richard’s daughter, Susan, sang by means of a tape since she couldn’t be there. Richard’s other daughter, Heidi, played the piano. Three of my children, who were there, Pam, Tim and Christy and Lisa, Bill’s daughter, read scripture.20130904_112050 (2)    Lisa is a State Park Ranger and she ate lunch with Mother every Wednesday. She always had her ranger clothes on so she wore them to the memorial service. You can see her in the picture. Each of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who were there, took a red rose up to lay on the table. The chaplain from the nursing home played his Native American Flute again.

I have copied and pasted my tribute to Mother here.

Mother and Me

I was born in the time when the three words I Love You weren’t  used in everyday conversations. Love was shown but not verbalized. I knew, without a doubt, Mother loved me, even though she never told me. One day this was put to the test.

I was home from school for the summer. The youth group from our church were going on an all day picnic to a state park and invited me to join them. A car came to pick me up early on Saturday morning. They insisted I sit in the front seat! That seemed strange but I got in and off we went for a fun day!

It was getting close to lunch time and I was very hungry. I looked in a box for a snack and saw a small piece of paper with my name on it! Oh, what was this? I read it in shock. It was written to the leaders by one of the girls in the youth group. “I’ll ride in any car but not in the car with Anita Williamson.” What? Why? Oh, that explains why I had to sit in the front seat… The girl who wrote the note was in the back seat! Somehow we had ended up in the same car!

Oh, what to do…I had no idea I wasn’t liked. I couldn’t  stay here. I’d better leave. Where should I go? How could I get home? There was nothing I could do except walk away. Yes, that’s it. I’d simply walk away and not come back. I’d become a run-away.

In my mind I saw someone calling the police. Then calling my parents. Oh no. Mother. I’d hurt Mother. She loved me. Oh, I couldn’t just leave! I would cause terrible pain to Mother. I couldn’t do that. Mother loved me and I loved her…

Years went by. I finished school, got married, raised five beautiful children. Times were changing, it was now near the end of the 1990’s! We talked on the phone occasionally. One day at the end of our conversation Mother said to me, “I love you.”

What??? I’d never heard those three words, come to me, from Mother before! I stood there not knowing what to say… Finally I said, “ Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” For the next couple of days all I could think of was Mother telling me she loved me! It meant so much to me. I knew I’d have to say it too! Could I? I didn’t know. But finally I made up my mind that I would say it the next time we talked on the phone and I did.

I’ve  been saying it to her ever since. I love you, Mother.


After the service everyone was invited to Bill’s house for a luncheon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We brought flowers, pictures, and all from the church and arranged it all on the Baby Grand piano. Then, as folks visited and ate music could be heard as Chaplain played his Native American Flute again, at our request. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It was a long day, but a good day, in loving memory of Mother.



WWW=Work worth while!

We have a hard time growing flowers in our woods. But we try…

Yesterday I saw and BOUGHT a Hibiscus bush to plant! I know…I know. Hibiscus plants need sun!   I studied our yard and placed the plant right where I think it’ll get the most sun. Just look at my beautiful Hibiscus today! ???????????????????????????????  It wasn’t blooming yesterday!  We have some neighbors with a large bush in their front yard. It’s just beautiful! So maybe I can have one too!

Okay, we planted it last evening. First we went to Lowe’s and bought some good soil with fertilizer  in it. We followed the directions, exactly… This morning another flower opened up! I just hope I can keep it living…year after year after year!!!

Another project I’m working on is in our back yard. Consumer’s Power put two ugly yellow line guards at the back of our yard so folks won’t run into their wires. I hate those yellow guards. We had planted a Pine Tree seventeen years ago to hide them. But this summer ???????????????????????????????Consumer’s came and cut our Pine Tree down! Those yellow guards showed up like sore thumbs! This picture shows the man half way up the tree.

So…we had a piece of fencing that I dragged out of our burning pile a couple of years ago. It was just leaning out on the far side of our pole barn, waiting for me to find a good place to use it! I found the place! ???????????????????????????????  Rob is a strong son! ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  Even Jerry got into the act! He’s pulling those nasty vines down from other trees…if only they would grow up those ugly yellow thingy’s!

So now my next project will be to wash down and paint the fence. Next spring I hope to plant some flowering vine’s to grow up the fence. Something that will come up every year! Stay tuned to hear and hopefully see progress and a beautiful flowered vine!