The Wedding – Ty and Re Buck

Here is the wedding of my handsome grandson, Tyler, and his lovely bride, Rebecca. This makes Rebecca my new granddaughter-in-law! I have two granddaughter’s in-law now! I’m so glad I got to be there for the wedding! Ty & RE  It was beautiful!

Getting ready for the wedding is perfection! Jessica, mother of the groom!  Jessica dressed for a wedding      A special hair-do!    Jessica's Hair Rob and Jessica. Rob & Jessica  Haleigh and Elmise, sisters of the groom! Haleigh & Elmise   Armon and me! Armon is a brother of the groom and I’m a grandma of the groom!  Grandma & Armon

Sometimes the waiting is so hard! Waiting  But it’s worth it in the end!  Parker, a brother of the groom, sitting patiently, waiting…Parker waiting

The church was beautiful. The long aisle was also beautiful!  Wedding Ty & Rebecca  Tree twigs, gathered by Rob, Jessica, and Armon, and spray painted white, in tall vases, lined the aisle, covered with a white runner and flower petals strewn all along the way!  As a surprise to Ty and everyone else, instead of Rebecca walking down the aisle to the traditional wedding march, the theme from Lord of The Rings, was played! It’s their favorite and was requested by Rebecca!

Ty & RE  She’s been given to Ty, by her father, and the ceremony begins! Ty & Re We did it!  Oh, look! They did it! Ty and Re are married!   Here they come into the reception! 100_5876 100_5878  100_5880 Tyler and Rebecca, first dance, as a married couple!  100_5882 Father, daughter dance.  100_5883  Mother, son dance. 100_5872  Enjoying the reception: Christy, Megan and Cameron.  100_5873  Armon and Parker, brothers of the groom, but technically, not brothers of each other! Hmmm, interesting! Best friends!

The wedding cake! Perfect for the TyReBuck theme! 100_5871   Buck TyRe    Away they go, being showered wth flower petals, on the way! Ty & Re being flowered I love you, Ty and Re Buck!

Goodbye Again

Goodbyes are so hard. We’ve had so many lately. Christy, Mason, Maddie came on Tuesday, surprising us by bringing Elmise and Armon, children of Rob & Jessica. They left today after dinner today.  Tim and Shauna came on Thursday about six and will stay until next Friday. Pam and Gene came on Friday at noon and left today after dinner. Ted, Sydney, and Isabella came today! They arrived while we were all at church.  Ted left today, but Sydney and Bella will stay until next weekend when Ted comes back to get them! Here are the grown-ups having dinner together. IMG_1093                                           Jerry, Shauna, Tim, Ted, Gene, Pam, and Christy. We let the kids fill their plates and go outside to eat!

We had a very good week and weekend with some of our children and grandchildren. But today while some more came, some had to leave.  So we had to say goodbye. IMG_1097  These are the grandchildren, four are leaving and two have just arrived! Sydney-16, Maddie-8, Elmise-13, Bella-13, Mason-13,  Arman-10.

IMG_1096                                        Four siblings, one missing. Christy, Ted, Tim, and Pam. Rob is missing.

IMG_1094                                Grandpa (Jerry) is praying just before Christy and four kids, and Pam and Gene leave. IMG_1095                                         The rest of the gang, heads bowed in prayer.


Ashlynn and Elmise, Good friends. Goodbyes are hard.

There They Go…

The day I didn’t want to come is here. Rob, Jessica, Elmise, and Armon are on their way south to live. Haleigh is staying with us for a couple of weeks and then she’ll also be gone. They have lived next door to us for eighteen years! But life goes on… So while I’m sad, I’m also excited for them. What does life have in store for them?

We had our last breakfast together. Bacon, pancakes, orange juice.


Last breakfast.

They loaded up the truck Friday and Saturday. Loading the truck

Today, early this morning, they drove off. Elmise in the car with Jessica.


Rob is securing the motorcycle.


There go Jessica and Elmise, Jessica driving.

Armon, in the truck with Rob.


Armon and Rob



They’re off…

I Don’t Like Goodbyes

Time is going far too quickly. Goodbye is coming. The two most important families in my world, here in my city, are leaving…  Moving away…   Within the next couple of months, they’ll be gone. I’ll be here. They’re excited. I’m sad.

My youngest son, Rob; daughter-in-law, Jessica; granddaughters, Haleigh, 18 and Elmise, 13; and grandson, Armon, 10, who now live next door and have lived here for 19 years, are moving to Georgia!

My pastor, David, and his wife, Leah, are moving to accept a new challenge and position. They, having ministered here to us for 20 years, are moving to Kansas!

I love a challenge and I’m not one to back away when one is presented to me! But I’m the one being left behind. The future, in my world, looks blank.

Where would I be without my personal faith in my loving Saviour? I would be kicking and screaming, heartbroken and crying!

While I am sad, I’m trusting God to take care of Rob and Jessica and family. They’ll need good jobs (Jessica, R.N. has one); nice home; good schools; good church; Haleigh as a college freshman, settled into dorm life; good friends and neighbors. They are trusting God. He knows all about their family and their move. I’m trusting God for them, even though it hurts.

While I am sad, I’m trusting God to go with Pastor Dave and Leah. Pastor Dave having just earned his Doctor in Ministry, PH.D and will be pastoring a church and teaching ministerial students in a college. Pastor Dave will need just the right treatment for his MS. As far as delivering sermons, I think Pastor Dave is the best preacher I’ve ever heard! He is truly used by God.

Because I am a true believer, I’m trusting God to give us just the right neighbors next door and to send just the right man to fill the position of Lead Pastor of our church. Pastor Dave told us Sunday how God has been leading them to this point in their lives. So…is God working on just the right man to move here and minister to me, to us?

While I still have to say good-bye, I’ll be saying it with hope in what God has in store for me…for us.

The Butterfly House

Butterflies in Bloom! Here in Midland we have a Butterfly House in Dow Gardens. It goes from February 27 to April 19. I’ve actually been there three times this year! It’s a good thing I have an annual pass!

The first time Jerry and I took Pam and Gene, our daughter and son-in-law. IMG_0713  Gene with what I think is a Grecian Shoemaker on his shoulder.  PTD0A8~1  This is a Tailed Jay. The next time I went was with Elmise and Armon. Elmise1  Elmise is holding one but I can’t tell what it is.  Armon '15  Armon has one on his finger.

My third trip was with Sydney and Isabella. IMG_0873 (2)  Sydney with a Grecian Shoemaker. IMG_0881 (2)  Isabella has a Tiger Swallowtail.  IMG_0890 (2) A Southern White Butterfly landed in my white hair! There are many different butterflies. A couple more pictures are of  IMG_0868 (2) Blue Morpho,  PTD0A8~1  Tailed Jay, IMG_0896 (2)  Grecian Shoemaker.

Leaving is always the temptation to take a picture beside the waterfall. Dow Gardens J, A, P, G Jerry and me. Pam and Gene.

Dow Gardens Falls  Can you make out Armon with his orange jacket?

IMG_0914 Sydney and Bella sitting at the top of the falls. A very good time for everyone.

Two Weeks With Grandchildren

Boy, am I tired…! But it’s a good tired! Kids have an abundance of energy! If they didn’t I’d be worried.

The first week was with Elmise and Armon, our beautiful adopted grandchildren. Kida   IMG_0913The second week was with Isabella and Sydney. I took these pictures of the four grandchildren, two at a time, a week apart.

Elmise & Armon at McDonalds '15  Elmise is thirteen and Armon is ten. We’re sitting in McDonald’s here having a treat before going home. We’d been to the Nature Center and were in need of some nurishment! Tree Armon  Armon is checking out this hollow tree! Armon tree (2)  Nature walk 1 (2)  Down by the river. It’s too bad the weather wasn’t nicer.  Armon Maple syrup pail (2)  Maple trees are being tapped for Maple Syrup!  We came to the Maple Syrup Shack.  Maple syrup shack

Maple syrup vat (2)  It’s hard to see, but the kids are looking into the boiling vat. Maple syrup barrel  It takes 40 gallons of Sugar Maple sap to make one gallon of pure maple syrup!

Wind 1 The wind blew our basket down. It was so sad. But with the help of Armon Grandpa got it up and fixed temporarily!  Armon basketball 2  Armon was able to get lots of practice time in! He’s good at all sports!

We colored Easter eggs, something I haven’t done since our children were young! It was fun! Coloring eggs 1

An afternoon at the Butterfly House is always fun!    It’s a nice walk through Dow Gardens before arriving at the Butterfly House.  Both kids climbed the huge boulders. Elmise & Armon climbing

Then the weekend came and two more cousins came! Sydney and Isabella came to spend the next week with Grandma and Grandpa, overlapping on the weekend with Elmise and Armon. It was a good time for Elmise. It’s hard for an adolescent girl to be at grandparents house with only a younger brother. We did lots of things together, baking, playing Skip-Bo, etc. but she wasn’t truly happy until the cousins arrived! Here they are in a bed made up just for them on the floor of the sun-room. Granddaughters sleep night (2)  They talked and giggled way into the night like girls do!  Sunday morning Elmise and Sydney styled Bella’s hair! Girls hair styling Bella hair-do  They did a good job!

The last Easter Egg Treasure Hunt was fun and kind of bittersweet. The grandchildren are growing up! So the Easter bunny has officially retired! Easter Egg Hunt 1  Easter Egg Hunt 4

Monday, two grandkids went home and two stayed for the next week. Sydney and Isabella. We took a day and went to visit Central Michigan University for Sydney. Yes, she’s starting to look at universities to attend after high school. She’s a sophomore now! It was a good day!

IMG_0831  We also drove through Northwood University. It’s situated in a big woods. We saw lots of deer! IMG_0850 (2)  This was very close to campus. We spent an afternoon at the Community Center swimming pool. Syd & Bella swimming We had a precious time together. All our grandchildren are growing up. These are our Michigan grandchildren. We did lots of other activities together, like playing Skip-Bo, watching movies, chatting, baking, cooking, shopping, etc. These two weeks are almost over. Time is rushing by. See the next post for visits to the Butterfly House…

Happy Birthday, Elmise

Happy Birthday, Elmise! Oh no…you’re a teenager now! Already??? It can’t be…but it is! P1020415 Elmise  You are so pretty! You’re intelligent! You love school and do well. You’re a daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, niece, friend, and neighbor! You’re also a music lover, student, game player, cook’s helper, Club 56er, and so much more! I wish for you a super fun, fabulously great day!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Elmise! She’s a delightful young teenager! Thank You for giving her to our family! Please guide her as she goes through life. Watch over her, keep her safe and well. Guide her in her daily life. Help her to want to live for You. Help her ambitions to be God-centered. I love Elmise so much and You love her even more!