Days Gone By… Part 2

I, like so many of you, have wonderful memories and art to remember my family by. img_2683 This little chicken, made by punching holes in a sheet of metal, was made by one of my great-grandfathers!                                              img_2687 This bookend was made by one of my grandfathers! There are two of them, books stand between them, and I’m using them. I love them!

IMG_2695      The Lord’s Prayer was embroidered, by my mother, as a gift to my grandparents for their golden anniversary on January 1,  1940! Today it’s hanging in my living room.

IMG_2693 This rolling pin was made by Jerry, my husband, in his high school shop class. I have many more of his projects: a beautiful hope chest; a beautiful gun cabinet, which we’ve given to our daughter and husband; a bookcase; and several more.

I’m wondering what will become of these treasures when I’m gone. Will my children or grandchildren treasure them?

Do you have antique treasures you’re keeping? Have you shared them? I hope I’m not alone in this…!







Days Gone By…

I’m a saver. Well, just look what I’ve saved…!

Haleigh’s hand about 20 years ago!
Christy’s hand about 46 years ago!
My hand about 75 years ago!

These three little hand prints! The last one is the oldest! It’s mine! It doesn’t give the date. But my name is on the bottom. The first one is the youngest. It’s my granddaughter’s, Haleigh! It’s so small! She went to a pre-school and I think that’s where her’s was made. The one in the middle is my youngest daughter, Christy! I need to refresh the paint. I think her’s was done in kindergarten. I wish I had one of all my children, five, and all my grandchildren, 15, and my great-grandson! Do you have hand prints or other items to remember and keep?                                                           

New, Old Flower Bed

I love flowers. But, living in the woods isn’t a good place for growing flowers. I’ve tried and tried and have had only a little success.

I also love antiques. We have lots. The ones that mean the most are ones that have been in my family from years and years ago.

One of our antiques is an old double bed frame. It’s been in the family for years and years! In fact, Jerry slept in it in his growing up years.Now, what does a person do with an old iron bed frame? It’s been hanging in our pole barn for years.

Somewhere, in our travels, we saw a ‘flower bed’ or ‘bed of flowers’ in a yard! It was an old iron bed frame with flowers blooming inside!

So that’s where the idea came to us. Last fall Jerry and I worked hard making a flower bed inside the frame of our old iron bed frame! IMG_1495  It used to be black, we painted it brown.

It’s still not what I want it to be yet, but we have had flowers blooming in it this summer! Flowerbed 2 (2)  Flowerbed 1 (3) In the right-hand corner, I have a lonely, little, red Petunia.  Actually, I planted Petunias all along there but most of them didn’t make it.  IMG_2208 (2)  This is a close-up of an Oriental Lily.

I’ll have Dahlia’s blooming early this fall. So there you have it!


Small Isn’t All Bad – Less Is More

I love books. I love reading. I have actually read all night long when I was reading a novel I just

couldn’t put down! This shows a portion of my collection of books. I have favorite authors, of course. Grissom, Blackstock, Rivers, Williamson, just to name a few! Glen Williamson was my dad! I have all his books!

I’ve now reached the age I didn’t really think would ever arrive! Old Age! I need to downsize! Oh no, does that mean, get rid of my precious books?

I’ve done it! I’ve downsized my books! I’ve given many away! Some to family, some to friends here,  some to friends in far away places!

There is an organization that takes Christian books and makes them available to missionary workers and families. Christian Resources International is where boxes and boxes and boxes of my books, for all ages, went! It wasn’t so hard to give them away when I knew they were going to people who would read them and love them and be helped by some of them and who couldn’t, otherwise, get them! And they’ll be going all over the world!

I no longer have my book shelves in my reading room. I no longer have my reading room! We’ve moved the shelves upstairs to the loft. So here is my reading corner!

I even had room for some antique games and toys from Jerry’s childhood days. A Roy Rogers coloring book! Monopoly, a jar of Marbles, Dominos, Tinker Toys, and a game of Conflict. The beautiful doll was a gift from my daughter, Pam, years ago, but not an antique yet! The parasols are from Taiwan.

New Library

So the downsizing has begun! My books, for the most part, are alphabetized by the author.

Book case 1 These are  some antique books I can’t part with. Some are: Dick and Jane readers, I started out learning to read, in Des Moines, Iowa. Jerry and Alice readers, Friendly Village and If I Were Going, I had in Covington, Oklahoma.

Jerry made this bookcase when he was in high school in the early 50’s! On top of the bookcase is the Singer sewing machine my mother received as a gift when she was a teenager. She made all my clothes and my sisters on this machine! A darning bulb is beside the sewing machine. Mother taught me to darn socks with it! Today, of course, we throw  holey socks away and buy new!

Having grandchildren, I have to save some of my kid books. I gave a lot of them away but I kept some favorites. Most of them were my own kids books when they were young.

The Bremen-town Musicians I have read to all of my grandchildren. They got to hold the statue of the Rooster, Cat, Dog, and Donkey while I read the book to them. They loved it and begged to have me read to them over and over!

So, the next stage of downsizing needs to begin. Oh dear…


A Long Lost Cousin Comes To Visit

Don is actually my second cousin. He lives in Washington, I live in Michigan. He had been east to get acquainted with his new granddaughter, Audrey Sue, all the way to Vermont. Now he’s on his way back west to go home. He drove out of his way to come to visit Jerry and me!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We both enjoyed looking at old pictures and sharing dates and names catching us up on our family records. We even made a quick trip to Meijer’s to make some copies of old pictures that he thought his family would enjoy. Don’s mother, Mabel, was my cousin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She died just a few months ago. Mabel’s dad and my dad were brothers. Her dad, Floyd, was the oldest of seven children and my dad, Glen, was the youngest.

This morning before Don left, Jerry played our antique music box for him. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We only play it once in a while so it was fun for Jerry and me too!

The older I get the more family means to me. Don agreed with me 100 %. He’s four years younger than I am,  the same as my younger brother, Bill. We promised each other we’d stay in touch from now on.

My Dear Friend, Bro. Trumbauer

When I was a very small girl my family lived in Des Moines, Iowa. In fact, we lived there twice, when I was three to six and when I was 14 to 17. My dad was pastor of the Free Methodist church. There was a man in the church who, for some reason, took a liking to me! Bro. Trumbauer. Back then we called folks, in the church, Brother and Sister.

I remember, as a very small child, sometimes going home with Bro. and Sis. Trumbauer after church on a Sunday morning and staying all afternoon until the evening service! I remember sitting on his lap while he told stories to me! It’s a wonderful memory.

The first time we moved away the WMS (Women’s Missionary Society) made a quilt for my parents. The women embroidered their names on quilt blocks. A few years ago Mother gave the quilt to me. I treasure it. Bro. and Sis. Trumbauer’s name is on the center block along with another woman, whom I also remember. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s interesting to me how they wrote their name: Mr & Mrs E. E. Trumbauer and Lila Shott.

When we moved back and I was a teenager, he was still my friend although I didn’t go home with him any more.

Years went by, they both died.

One time when my parents came to visit they brought me a gift from Bro. Trumbauer! An antique mirror! Mother said he gave the mirror to her with the instruction that it was to be given to me when the time was right! That was about 17 years ago! We had moved into our log home and she felt the time was right! I’m thrilled to have this mirror and to have it as a reminder of my dear friend. He’s been gone for a very long time now. Thank you, Brother Trumbauer!       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA