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My Dogs

My dogs were actually our family pets. Rusty, Jocko, Corky, Trixie, Pinto, and Buddy.

Rusty may have been part Boxer, but we really don’t know for sure. My parents got him from a dog pound because with my dad traveling so much Mother was alone. They both felt better having a dog in the house with her, especially at night. After a few years they asked if we would give him a home and they brought him from Colorado to Michigan! They loved him and just couldn’t return him to the dog pound. We loved him too. At feeding time he would sit beside me watching me fill his dish, then he would wait until I said “Okay, Rusty,” and he would begin eating! That’s just one of his loving characteristics! We had Rusty for several years.

Timmy and Rusty. We were camping at Higgons Lake Camp Ground. He loved going with us. Pammy, Teddy, and Timmy all loved him, but Pam claimed him!
Teddy and Jocko. This is not a good, clear picture but it’s all I’ve got of Jocko. They are sitting on the tailgate of our pickup truck, with our new Gem pickup camper. He was a little Poodle. He was given to us by folks who were moving into an apartment where pets were not allowed. He was a one-person pet and he became mine. He followed me everywhere…but he was not allowed in our bedroom!
Corky. Ted’s dog was a very obedient dog and Ted taught him tricks! Here he’s sitting and posing, waiting for the treat in Ted’s hand. We got this dog and our neighbors took his sister and named her Muffins. Corky was hit by a car and one of his hips was broken.
Trixie. She was a tiny birthday present for Tim one year. She was so pretty and sweet! She even went on a trip with us all the way to Oregon!

Trixie loved it when I went cross country skiing in the woods behind our property. She would start barking and jumping as soon as I reached for my ski’s. She’d run ahead of me and then stop and wait for me to catch up and off she’d run again. This was a high light for both of us.

Then the day we got Pinto. Trixie and Pinto became great friends and played tag every day racing through the yard. But one day Pinto was hit by a car driving up the neighbor’s driveway. She lived and they were still best buds but their tag playing days were over.

Pinto. Our little Chihuahua. She pranced around like a little Pinto Pony, thus her name Pinto!
Pinto walking in her later years. She lived to be over 13 years old. We all loved Pinto. She was our baby.

Pinto was actually Christy’s dog. It was the fourth of July and we had gone to watch the fire works. Jerry drove his pickup truck to the fairgrounds and we were just watching from the parking lot. The kids were sitting in the back of the truck. A car drove by and stopped, a kid jumped out and ran to our truck. He then, tossed something at our kids, and the car drove off! We had no idea what it was… but Christy caught it! Oh my, it was a little tiny dog! We couldn’t just put it down on the ground, it would get run over. So we took it home with us, saying we would take it to the dog pound in the morning. Well…we went to our vet instead of the dog pound! Our vet said she was about two years old and she was part Chihuahua. Oh my, I have so many stories I could write about Pinto, but there just isn’t room here. One day she died in our family room thirteen years after Christy rescued her.

Buddy. Rob’s dog.

Rob and I picked Buddy out at the dog pound. He was a puppy and just looked at us like he really wanted to go with us. We couldn’t say no!

Buddy was a very obedient dog. He grew to be good sized. Buddy was a good pal and a good dog to have around for safety sake.

Buddy and I loved each other. He loved to sit in our swing with me! He never sat with anyone else! We loved each other! One night Buddy died after a tragic accident. I cried. I still miss him.

So this is the end of our family dogs…for now.

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  1. Thanks for your comment, Marian! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. I happen to love dogs. Jerry likes but doesn’t love dogs! He says now it’s either live with him or with a dog, but not both! I told him I’ll keep him. But if he goes first…I’m getting a dog!!!


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