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Our Greatest Earthly Gift

When Jerry and I were married we were given, as a wedding gift, a guest book. We were surprised but because my mother used one for special guests to sign, we decided to use it, and to be careful that no guests were left out.

This was the first house Jerry built for us and where we began using our first guest book.
Here we are, we moved into our new house in October, 1959, even though it wasn’t finished yet!

Our first signature in our guestbook was on October 28, 1959. An aunt and uncle of Jerry and his mother came to visit us in our new home. Mr. and Mrs. Luther May from Flint, Michigan and Frances Archer signed as our first visitors.

We had three children born to us in this first home.
Pamela Gail, Theodore Gerald, and Timothy Lee.

Timmy, Jerry, Teddy. Anita, Pammy.

We outgrew this little house, so we sold it and built a new, bigger house. Our family grew by two more children in our big house!

Pam, Ted, Tim, Jerry, Robby, Anita, and Christy!

We lived here for thirty-five years and had many guests from all over the world. I worked as an English as a Second Language tutor, ESL, and had students from many countries around the world. Most of them were in our home at least once, some several times. They all signed our guestbook.

This is our third and last home. Our dream come true! Our log home! We’ve lived here for over 20 years already and have had many guests who’ve all signed our guestbook.
We’re back down to only two of us! Sometimes Jerry kids our guests and says we need their signature so we can bill them for our next house payment! Usually they laugh, but once in a while a guest will look up with a worried look on his/her face and so Jerry quickly says, “Just kidding, just kidding!”
Our family all grown up!
Pam, Ted, Tim, Christy, and Rob. Anita and Jerry.

Oh, so many memories, so many changes! Some friends had married, some have died, and some are divorced. We get lost in our memories as we read through the books. We’ve had four bishops; and thirteen pastors, including assistant pastors. We’ve had many, many international friends from all over the world. What a privilege has been ours!

We’ve had at least twenty-one missionaries from all over the world! I’ll list the countries they served in or are still serving. China, Ecuador, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Paraguay, Rhodesia, Rwanda, South Africa, Taiwan,
The Philippines, and Zaire. What a privilege has been ours!

My most treasured signature is that of Alice Taylor. We had an unforgettable time with Alice Taylor, missionary to China and Taiwan. She was visiting in our home in 1974. I invited a Chinese couple over to meet her. Oh! We were completely left out of the conversation! It was all in Mandarin! But, never the less, we had an unforgettable time with Alice Taylor!

I have so many interesting stories I could write about! One is about a guest who took his turn, along with his children, riding our sons go-cart! A few years later, he was voted in as one of the distinguished bishops of our church denomination! His signature in our book!

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  1. I like the tie-in of your two homes with your guestbook entries. Also, if I had the time, I’d try to match up the young children with the older adults in your banner.

    Aren’t you glad you are back to blogging? Great!

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  2. Thanks for your comment, Marian. I’ve now added our family picture onto the post. I had it in earlier but with some problems, it was deleted! I’m going to try to keep posting, wish me luck!

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