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Days Gone By… Part 2

I, like so many of you, have wonderful memories and art to remember my family by. img_2683 This little chicken, made by punching holes in a sheet of metal, was made by one of my great-grandfathers!                                              img_2687 This bookend was made by one of my grandfathers! There are two of them, books stand between them, and I’m using them. I love them!

IMG_2695      The Lord’s Prayer was embroidered, by my mother, as a gift to my grandparents for their golden anniversary on January 1,  1940! Today it’s hanging in my living room.

IMG_2693 This rolling pin was made by Jerry, my husband, in his high school shop class. I have many more of his projects: a beautiful hope chest; a beautiful gun cabinet, which we’ve given to our daughter and husband; a bookcase; and several more.

I’m wondering what will become of these treasures when I’m gone. Will my children or grandchildren treasure them?

Do you have antique treasures you’re keeping? Have you shared them? I hope I’m not alone in this…!







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  1. Nice to see you here again! Yes, I have my aunt’s mixer, some utensils and dishes from my mother, but we had to put many precious items on the sale. Still, like you, I have pictures. Lovely post!


  2. Thanks for your nostalgic post, Anita. You made me think of several keepsakes I take for granted, such as the lamp that my uncle, who was a shop teacher, handcrafted for our wedding gift back in 1969. My husband wrote a poem for me, the only one he’s ever written, for our sixteenth anniversary, and my son carved a Seahawk that sits on our mantel. Add to that original paintings by family and friends. You reminded me how blessed I am.



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