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Days Gone By…

I’m a saver. Well, just look what I’ve saved…!

Haleigh’s hand about 20 years ago!
Christy’s hand about 46 years ago!
My hand about 75 years ago!

These three little hand prints! The last one is the oldest! It’s mine! It doesn’t give the date. But my name is on the bottom. The first one is the youngest. It’s my granddaughter’s, Haleigh! It’s so small! She went to a pre-school and I think that’s where her’s was made. The one in the middle is my youngest daughter, Christy! I need to refresh the paint. I think her’s was done in kindergarten. I wish I had one of all my children, five, and all my grandchildren, 15, and my great-grandson! Do you have hand prints or other items to remember and keep?                                                           

4 thoughts on “Days Gone By…

  1. Oh, Anita, it’s SO nice to see you again. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and of course you are rummaging through old things in the new year.

    I love your topic and photos to go with it. You know I save old things too, but when we moved I gave art work like this to my daughter and grand-daughter. Fortunately they live close by, so I didn’t have to do any mailing. Whatever you decide to do with these handprints, they’ll always have a pride of place on your blog.

    Happy 2019!

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    • Thank you so much, Marian, for your kind comment! I’m very frustrated with the new rules of WordPress and almost quit completely! But I suppose if I keep writing I’ll get used to the new rules! I’m just not a quitter!

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