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It’s past time for me to write about turning eighty years!

My birthday was on Halloween Day. IMG_2420                    But I feel I must get my feelings out in writing. This was a difficult birthday!

Yes, I turned eighty! I don’t feel eighty! Some folks have a hard time turning 30, 40, 50… I had no problem with those years. But 80…! I remember when my mother turned eighty!

Friends tell me I don’t look eighty! But maybe they’re just being nice! I don’t feel eighty… Hmmmm! What does eighty feel like? I don’t know…I’ve never been eighty before! IMG_2375 I’m holding a month old Husky puppy! This is the latest picture of me and was taken on my eightieth birthday. No, the puppy was not a birthday present or any kind of present! He/she is not mine! Although I would love to keep  him/her! My niece invited me to visit and hold the new puppies!

I do get tired and worn out easily. My hair is almost all white, there’s still some gray in the back. My hair is thinning!!! Help! Jerry and I don’t drive at night any more. I’m buying frozen dinners for us to eat several nights of the week!

Our children…are pictured at the top of this page! We have five and none of them live near us. Only one lives in Michigan! The others live in Illinois; Sask., Canada; New Mexico; and Georgia! But they are taking charge!!! Pam moved us down from our big, beautiful bedroom upstairs to a bedroom downstairs! Tim drove us to South Carolina to a grandson’s wedding. Ted, Christy, and Rob are all in agreement that we shouldn’t drive outside of our town!!!  We’re all in contact often. What?! Is this eighty?

I actually had three celebrations for my 80th birthday! First one, planned by one daughter and two daughters-in-law, was in South Carolina the day before my grandson’s wedding! IMG_2016 (1)    The second was our small group, we are members of, when they surprised me! IMG_3455                                             The third was dinner at Lucky’s Steak House with Jerry! It was my first time to go there! Both of our steaks were cooked to perfection! He gave me a beautiful Nativity set to go with my collection. IMG_2360 (1) So you can see I had a good  birthday. So I should be happy…!!!

But eighty? I’m not ready to be old!

One day a realization came to me. I have loved ones who have already died: parents, sister, some close relatives, some close friends. Favorite Bible characters: Joseph, Daniel, David, Mary, Luke, Timothy, John, and many others! I’ve always looked far ahead knowing that someday I’ll join them. Well, someday is getting closer! I won’t have quite so long a wait! That’s a good thing! Something to look forward to!!!

I do have longevity in my genes: Dad – 96, Mother – 99, Aunt Bessie – 102, Great-uncle Will – 101, and maybe some others I’m not aware of. I guess I’ll just live one day at a time and one year at a time. When my time comes I’m ready. I’ve asked Jesus for forgiveness and to live in my heart, so I know where I’m going when my time comes. I’ve been born again! I hope when your time comes that you’ll join me!

“What a day that will be…when my Jesus I shall see! When I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His grace…”


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  1. What an extra special post Anita. It’s so you. 🙂 I love that you ended it with the song What a Day that will Be. When our faith becomes sight and we see Jesus face to face and sing Amazing Grace… What a day what a glorious day that will be! Happy Birthday.

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  2. Happy Birthday dear Anita! You are blazing the trail, and I am following right behind you! You are a shining example of a Christian wife and mother to me, a beautiful mentor and I treasure our friendship. Yours is a life well lived and I know God will welcome you with “Well done good and faithful servant” when you see Him face to face! Meanwhile you embrace life to the fullest…even if the pace is a little slower…you love to read and look out at your scenic view. Life has so much beauty! I love the verse “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God, They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing To declare that the Lord is upright; He is my rock…” Psalm 92:!3-15 This certainly describes you as church and your faith have always been at the center of your life. I know you bring God much delight…and you enrich my life and I know countless others! Love you Anita!

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  3. Happy Birthday, Anita! Eighty is a milestone. And I’m not far behind you.

    I liked your comment: “I’m not ready to be old!” No, you don’t look eighty + most 80-year-olds don’t bother with writing a blog – ha!

    Like you, I have Psalm 92:3-15 marked in my Bible, true wisdom. 🙂
    May you enjoy your new decade to the fullest!

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  4. Happy 80th Birthday – and Congratulations – Anita! No, you certainly don’t look 80. Like you, the milestone birthdays never bothered me, and I also come from “good stock,” as my mom used to say, meaning both sides of our family are blessed with longevity. Thanks for a very interesting post. And many happy returns!

    Norma Nill


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    • Thanks, Norma! Longevity is good as long as our mind stays good! My mother’s mind and even her sense of humor was good right up until the day before she died! I’m hoping to take after her! Thanks again.


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