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I have lost another friend. Judy. Judy We’ve known each other my entire married life. She was fun, cute, full of energy, creative, and committed to Christ. She and Bob were married a couple years ahead of Jerry and me. Judy and I would both turn 80 in October of this year! Judy and Bob celebrated 60 years of marriage last summer, 2017.  Jerry and I will celebrate 60 years next year, 2019.

Judy’s oldest son, Dennis and my oldest daughter, Pam, were very good friends growing up and right up until Dennis died, as a young man. Judy’s next son, Chris, and my son, Ted, were best buddies when they were kids. Judy’s daughter, Margie, and my son, Tim, were very good friends clear up through high school. Our whole family has so many memories of Judy and her family.

We were pregnant at the same time with our second babies, Ted and Chris. Oh my,  was she sure she was going to have a baby? She didn’t look like it! I did! She was so slender and carried her babies inward! I was slender but I carried my babies outward! I wish I had pictures to show you! Judy’s Chris was born about three weeks before my Teddy!

Bob & Judy family  Archer family 4 kids        These family pictures are from our church directory, 1970! They are even in pretty good order! Chris and Ted on the left of both pictures and Dennis and Pam on the right in both pictures. They were very good friends.  Marjory and Tim both in the front row were very good friends! Marj beside Judy and Tim beside Jerry. We had added Christy to our family and she’s beside me in our picture. Then we added another son in 1972!

One favorite memory of mine is of Judy and me going Huckleberry picking! There were so many good places for us to pick. We’d pick buckets full for baking pies and for freezing. Huckleberries and Blueberries are almost the same, except that Huckleberries are wild and smaller and more tasty! So much more tasty! They grow on bushes in the woods. With all the new subdivisions being developed here many of our favorite places to pick are gone! One day we were riding in the country together, Bob and Judy and Jerry and me. Country in Michigan means lots of wooded areas. All of a sudden Judy said, “Stop, Bob, there must be huckleberries in this woods!” He stopped and Judy and I got out. She had buckets in the trunk! We went into the woods and sure enough, there were huckleberries! We happily picked our buckets full!

Judy was very creative and loved decorating. She kept their home and yard very attractive. She also decorated our church up until just a few years ago. For a while we were both into Macrame. One year she came up with a clever idea for our church Christmas decorating. We each made matching white hanging tables! They were hung on each side of the sanctuary platform with evergreen boughs and large red candles inside clear glass chimneys as a beautiful center piece on each one! It was very festive and attractive! Macramae tables Mine is on the right side in the picture. For many years Judy kept our church decorated so lovely with her creative ideas!

Judy was attractive and very slender. I was okay in our younger years. I wish I had pictures of us but we just weren’t into taking pictures, like we are now days!              Here’s a recent picture of Judy and Bob. FullSizeRender (86)

Judy Funeral flowers These beautiful flowers were at her funeral. I’m posting them here because they were so Judy! They were created at the business where she worked. They knew exactly what to make and how to make them to represent Judy!

There is so much more I could write but I must stop. Judy was my good friend. The best thing about her was her faith in God. She was a committed Christian. Today she is in heaven, no doubt about it!

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  1. What a lovely tribute to a vibrant Christian friend. One of my oldest friends came to visit Monday and Tuesday. We just pick up where we leave off, even though I hadn’t seen her since last year.

    It’s hard to lose friends, but we have the hope of glory – hallelujah! My condolences to you. I hope her family will read this wonderful reflection!

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    • Thank you, Marian, for your kind words! Yes, it’s hard to lose friends, but knowing I’ll see, at least most of them again, makes it not quite so hard! I’ve actually lost four over the last few years. I’m at the age where death is a reality I must face. I have longevity in my genes so I expect to out live many. Is that a blessing? I don’t know. Well, if I have good health and a sound mind, it would be a blessing. My mother lived to be 99 1/2 with pretty good health and a wonderful sound mind! I’ve told this before but I love telling it: the day before she died a granddaughter said to Mother, “Hi Grandma, how are you today?” Mother answered quickly, “I’m fit as a fiddle!” The next morning she breathed her last. I was at her side.


  2. One of earliest memories of Judy iis watching her marching in parades as a baton-twirling majorette. She looked so pretty in her white short-skirted uniform. I was probably about 8 or 9 and was so proud that we went to the same church.

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    • Thanks, Connie! That was before my time here but Jerry remembers her being a majorette. Both Judy and Cathryn. I think there is even a picture of her somewhere in our vast collection of old photographs!


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