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My Broken Wrist

Just when I got back into writing I broke my wrist! Please be patient with me! I’ll get back into blogging as soon as I’m able. The doctor says it was a bad break! It’s been very painful. This is my wrist now. In another week I’ll have a hard cast. I’m typing this with one finger! Thanks for understanding! I’ll be back as soon as I can…    IMG_1434

4 thoughts on “My Broken Wrist

  1. So sorry about your wrist, Anita! I know the pain of a broken bone, but I’ve never had my whole arm out of commission and can only imagine how inconvenient it is. Praying your wrist will mend quickly so that you can get back to blogging and all the other things you love. ~Norma


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    • Thank you so much, Norma. This is definitely giving me a whole new perspective on people with physical needs! Once my pain is gone, even though I’ll still have the cast on, I’m hoping to get back into writing. So. I’m hoping my readers won’t give up on me!


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