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I Remember…

I don’t have very many memories from my early childhood, only a few outstanding ones.  The first memory I have is when I was three years old. We lived in Waterloo, Iowa and someone gave me a live, white bunny! I loved my bunny! I carried him all around. I don’t remember putting him down but I’m sure I did at meal times and bed time. I didn’t have him long though because one morning when I went to get him he had died during the night! I cried and cried and cried.          doc file Anita  I don’t know how old I am in this picture but I think I look about three. I’m adding it because I’ve been told I cried no matter what they did to make me smile! So they covered my mother with a blanket and I’m sitting on her lap! But I don’t remember it!

One day I fell going up the steps to the front porch. I bit my tongue. It was a bad bite and it bled and bled. It’s strange I don’t remember it because Mother has told how badly I hurt and bled. I still have the cut on my tongue after all these years! So I know it happened but I don’t remember it!

Another memory was one evening my parents had to go somewhere so a friend came to stay with us kids. I remember we took all the cushions off the sofa and chairs and made a playhouse! I think Mother probably wouldn’t allow us to make such a mess in the living room but Daddy’s friend played along with us! We had such fun!

I remember being introduced to some friends of my dad. I must have been about four. I’ve always remembered the look of pride on my dad’s face as he said, “This is Anita, my little daughter!”

I can still hear my Great-Aunt Ina reciting “O Captain, My Captain.” She put such expression into it! But I didn’t know where we were when she recited it until just a few years ago my sister told me she and another great-aunt had come to visit us in Des Moines for a couple of weeks. I don’t remember that! I must have been about four.

Anita Flower Girl, 4 yrs.

Anita, the flower girl with a bow.

I was four when I was a flower girl. That was a mighty important occasion for me! Do I remember it? NO! I remember being told about it but I don’t have any memories of the day or of the experience!

I remember my sister, Lorraine, playing school with Mother’s spice cans and buttons from Mother’s button can! I can even see her!

I could tell you lots of stories from my early childhood but they’d be stories that have been told to me. I started school in Des Moines but I don’t remember it! I’ve written lots of stories from my childhood so I don’t think I’ll repeat them here. If you’re a reader of my blog you’ve probably read them!

My memory opened up when we made our big move to Covington, Oklahoma! It was the summer of 1946. A big moving van moved our furniture. And my mind opened up! The moving van was Kessell’s Moving Van with a slogan written on the truck: Don’t Cuss…Call Us! We were a family that didn’t even use slang words!  The driver’s wife rode with him, they were a very kind and friendly couple!

What about you? When did your memory wake up? I think my memory was rather lazy in my early years! But I have really enjoyed all the stories my family has told me!



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  1. It’s so interestiing what the mind chooses to remember and what it blocks out. Thankfully, you have a lovely family that can fill in details for you. Photos also have that effect, sparking memory.

    Memory ebbs and flows for me. Just two days ago I remember the black wreath placed on the door of my grandma’s house when Grandpa Longenecker died. It was put there to announce to anyone stopping in that a death had occurred. I don’t know what sparked that memory when I was 5 years old, maybe hearing about someone’s recent death. Anyway, the image appeared in my head, just like that!

    Those little girl photos are adorable. You still have that sweet smile, Anita!

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  2. What a fun post, Anita! You look like a sweet porcelain doll in those photos. But since you asked, my memory woke up when I was about three years old and playing with a cousin. We were lying on the grass in the sunshine coloring. We got up and ran around for a while, and when we went back to our coloring, a few crayons had melted, which fascinated us. My first vivid memory is the smell of those waxy crayons. ~Norma Nill


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  3. I remember when I was 5 and in kindergarten that my grandpa on my mother’s side died. The whole thing made an impression on me. I remember my teacher being kind to me. I remember being left with my mother’s cousins and staying at their house during the days of the funeral. Unlike my teacher the man of the house was stern. I didn’t want to eat my peas but he growled at me and told me I had to eat them.
    I loved my grandpa. We were close. He died of cancer. For a long time he was in a hospital bed in the dinning room. My grandma, who I also loved, became his nurse I was told this later. I was also told how difficult it was for her caring for him. Life was surely different in those days. Today people are in a nursing home or on hospice care or in the hospital at the end of their life.

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