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Eureka Country School

Eureka School, Fremont Township, Buchanan County, Iowa. This is the school my dad, Glen Williamson, attended for the first four and a half years of his education, from kindergarten to the second half of fourth grade! All seven children in Andrew and Rose Williamson’s family attended this school! And in fact, Andrew attended Eureka School in his childhood!Scan_Pic0032

Bessie, Floyd, Eva. Claude, Rose, Roy, Andrew,  Lewis is sitting, between Rose and Andrew. Glen had not been born yet or even expected! Eva & Glen

This picture is Eva and Glen about the time Glen would have started school.

Corina 170003

I think these pictures of Eureka School were taken in about 1948. The school building is being moved to a new location, that’s why it looks the way it does where there should be a foundation. I just wish I knew where it was moved to! Is it at a museum now? A museum would be the ideal location for this school!

DocFile (2) Left to right are: Glen, Floyd, Lewis, and Roy Williamson. Four brothers who all attended this school as children. There was one more brother, Claude, who also attended school here but he died as a young man, August 31, 1924. Claude was between Roy and Lewis in age. Bessie and Eva, the two girls in the family also attended school here!

This little document from Eureka School was a precious gift to me, given by my second cousin, Kay Hoffman, granddaughter of Bessie. It’s from the school year of 1902 and 1903. Julia G. Sowles was the teacher.

The president of the board was Andrew Williamson, my grandfather, who attended Eureka School as a child!  I assume Andrew’s brother, William, and sister, Jane, also attended here.

Eureka School was a good school! Here’s a short story my dad, Glen Williamson, wrote about the school, his teacher, and himself, at the time he attended school in Manchester.File Doc 3  This was taken from the book Corina/Glen Tracing Our Roots by Glen Williamson.

So there is some of the history of Eureka School, in Buchanan County, Iowa., where my dad and all his family began their education.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a slice of life from a little school and all the wonderful photos, Anita! I enjoyed the look back to a simpler time when people weren’t glued to their electronic devices.

    Norma Nill


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  2. Not long ago I came across a newspaper clipping of my mother’s Lime Rock School close to Lititz, PA. Then I also unearthed a photo of Cherry Hill Elementary School, where my aunt took me when I was five. I sat with the first graders during class but was not included in the school photo because I was not a real “pupil.”

    My mother had 3 children age 5 and under, so I assume she was relieved when Aunt Ruthie took me with her to school. Rules would allow such a thing these days, but I had got a head start in education, even if I never formally went to kindergarten.

    How talented your dad is to include dialogue in his story. The urge to write and record runs deep in your family, Anita!

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