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A Worthwhile Project

A fact, hard for me to admit, is that we’re aging. Jerry is 80! I’m 77! Us, 2015 This is the latest picture of us taken, as you can see, at Christmas time, 2015. We’ll celebrate 57 years of marriage next month! Jerry has always been a very hard worker, but those days are pretty much gone now. These days we are enjoying life in our log home. Our wonderful children come to visit and tackle jobs that they see need to be done. We also hire men to do work now and then.

Spring has arrived, birds are returning. We have bird feeders in our back yard that we watch when we’re sitting in our sun-room. But we’re in our living room a lot of the time and wish for birds to watch there.

So Jerry  got an idea. Project Jerry 1 It was a lot of work. Project Jerry 2  It’s beginning to take shape! IMG_1879  He filled the old cream can with pieces of cement and dirt. Project Jerry 6  Then he put this heart shaped hanger in the center of the can and hung a bird seed bell! Now we can sit in our living room or on our front porch and watch the birds come and eat the seeds. These were all things we already had so we only had to buy the bell bird seeds.

So come on, birds! We’re ready!

4 thoughts on “A Worthwhile Project

  1. What a wonderful idea, Anita! Your place must be teeming with all kinds of wildlife. Although we live in the city, we love to eat breakfast and look out the window at the birds that splash around in our little stone birdbath. They’re so funny sometimes, the way they turn this way and that. Thanks for the fun post. And Happy Anniversary! Norma

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  2. Your Jerry reminds me of my Cliff – both lovable guys. Don’t worry about the number attached to your years. Age is just that, a number. Your spirit never ages, even though bodily we can do less.

    Never mind: The birds will come. You’ll probably write a follow-up blog post about what happens next. Be patient!

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