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Flowergirl and a Bow


My mother made my flower girl gown. It was 1942 or ’43 and I was four years old. We lived in Des Moines, Iowa. Mother was almost finished when she decided to add a bow about two inches above the hemline of the dress. The bow made it special! She finished sewing my dress, pressed it, and oh, it was beautiful! It was a perfect fit!


Anita Flower Girl, 4 yrs.

Anita, the flower girl with a bow.

Hmmm…do you wonder why she sewed a bow near the bottom of the dress? Well, I had a baby brother, Billy. I suspect he was crying and needed attention! Whatever the reason…my dress ended up with an ugly scorch mark! I don’t know who came up with idea of a bow covering the spot, but it was a good idea! Mother was an excellent seamstress so she may have thought of it herself. There was enough material left over so she made a beautiful bow!

Not long ago I was looking at pictures of President Polk’s wife. She was known for her beautiful gowns. One had a beautiful bow on the skirt of the dress! Hmmm, I wonder if someone made a mistake and covered it with a bow?!

Bow on a gown Mrs Polk

Mrs. Poke’s with a bow on her gown!

Here’s a picture of the entire wedding party in 1942 or ’43. My dad assisted in the ceremony. He’s the first man on the left, second row from the top.

Anita flower girl wedding

Anita (Williamson) Archer, flower girl; 1st row: ? French; ? Matheny, bride; ??, groom; Norma French; 2nd row: ??; Wyla (Notbohm) Skeen; Annabelle (King) Kerestly ; 3rd row: Rev. Glen Williamson; Rev. J.K. French; Rev. E.W. Walls; 4th row: ??; ??; ??.

2 thoughts on “Flowergirl and a Bow

  1. I love your fancy post, one of your best yet. It’s cute too how the photographer made you stand on a little stool, a clever way to disguise all of the dark in the groom’s suit, I guess.

    About cover ups. I have sewed a lacy butterfly on a yellow pullover top, one of my favorites. It covers up a stain I couldn’t get out close to the waistline. A little girl, who saw the butterfly at eye level, complimented me for it – ha!

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  2. Thanks for commenting, Marian. I remember how upset my mother was when she saw the scorched spot! She covered it well! I’m surprised she even had time to make my dress! There were four of us, children. Billy was a preemie and was in and out of the hospital for months!

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