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Respect…or not

I was born in 1938 so my growing up years were in the 1940’s and ’50’s. Saying please and thank-you, dressing for the occasion,  showing respect and responsibility were the norm! Did respect end in the 1960s? It looks like it and I truly don’t understand why.
What’s happening today? What’s wrong with people? I was near the busiest intersection when an ambulance came to the corner. His lights were flashing, his siren was wailing. No cars stopped for him! He had to stop! My turn came at the light. My turning light was green but I stopped, even though drivers behind me were impatient. The ambulance driver waited until he saw that I wasn’t moving and then he went through his red light! I don’t mean to praise myself but what is going on? Is the fact that schools don’t give driver’s training anymore, at least, part of the problem? Aren’t kids learning safety and respect? It should start at home!
I wrote recently on facebook, about not getting help pulling my recycle bin out of our snow-filled ditch. I’m not young, I almost fell. What I didn’t say was that one driver stepped on the gas, and skidded past me! 
Is there no respect anymore? May I mention, again, how folks dress for church? I’ve written about it before. I grew up always dressing up to go to church. It wasn’t a showing off time. We didn’t have money to buy expensive clothes. But we dressed in clean, well-fitting clothes, and we looked nice. We weren’t showing off, we were being respectful for God’s House. Scan_Pic0105                   My family, ready for church, in the middle 50’s. Lorraine, Billy, Mother, Dad, myself, and Richard. I was about 15 in this picture.
Recently I saw a teenage girl in church with faded, very holey jeans. Later, the same day, I saw her in blue jeans with no holes. Why did she change after church? I sense rebellion here and I don’t understand it…not at all.
I guess I’m the one who is rebelling now because I still always wear a dress or skirt to church. But, I dress in respect for God’s House, not to show off.
I’m thankful my new pastor dresses nicely. He wears slacks and a nice shirt with an open collar. I would prefer a suit and tie, but he always looks neat and clean.
There’s so much more to respectfulness than just what I’ve mentioned here. Opening and holding the door; table manners; saying please and thank-you; showing respect when driving; letting a driver cut in; I could go on and on. I think you get the drift.
Being respectful is so important and I fear it’s becoming a lost art. What are your feelings here? Am I just old-fashioned?

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  1. I can’t agree enough with you. Looks like you are about 10 yrs older than I, but we were taught alike. Guess I am rebellious too as I am usually the only dress/skirt wearer in our church. I try to tell myself that at least they come to church and try to remember it’s what’s on the inside that matters. However, RESPECT is reflected in outward actions and appearances.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly. However, the younger generation has different mores, though my grandchildren, I’m sure, wear nice clothes for church. Our pastor has said that even though he feels most comfortable in a suit and tie (“That’s just me,” he says), all are welcome, even teens in jeans.

    I don’t think some of these teens are rebelling – they just have a different set of mores. As for not getting help with your recycling bin . . . that’s a different matter, the ultimate in disrespect.

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  3. Thank you for this timely post, Anita! I agree that respect as we know it has all but disappeared. Sad because life is so much harder for kids who never learn to be courteous to anyone. I’m glad some parents still expect their children to show respect, for the children will be a blessing to all. Norma 🙂

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