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Good-bye and Hello

We had our Buick Rendevous for ten years. We loved it! We sat up high, almost like in a truck, so we could see so much better. Buick OldWhen we bought it we thought it would be our last car! We loved our Rendevous! The color was called Cappuccino! It seated seven and with three grandchildren living next door and some visiting often, we needed a seven-seater!

Haleigh and Sydney loved to climb in the very back and sit together where they could whisper and giggle and no one knew what they were even talking about! IMG_0316 (2) Elmise, Bella, and Armon buckled in the middle seat.


Bella and Elmise!

As soon as he was old enough Armon buckled into the front seat with me. It was perfect!



We traveled to many places in our Rendevous. Atlanta, Georgia; Castle Rock, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Columbia, South Carolina; Marion, Iowa; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; Stanwood, Washington; and of course, to many places in-between!

We began having a few problems with our beloved Rendevous. We had thought it would be our car until we could no longer drive! What were we thinking? It was time to say good-bye. It wasn’t easy.

So one day we went out…just to look. We, again, think this will be our last car! Yes, we’re aging! So, since it’s our last car, we decided to buy a new car! No more used…

Well, instead of just looking, we bought a new car! A 2015 Buick Encore! It only seats five, but our grandchildren have moved away! They only come to visit now. We miss them, but life moves on!

Buick Encore, Espresso  We still sit up higher than most cars. That’s important to us. The color is Espresso Dark Brown Metallic! In the sunshine it sparkles!!! It has some really neat features that we didn’t have before! So we’re very happy with our new car. IMG_1488  Jerry takes extra good care of it, washing it by hand. We love our new Encore!

2 thoughts on “Good-bye and Hello

  1. Neat car, nice story.

    We are still hanging on to our 2003 Infiniti sedan. We bought it new, but realistically we probably need to shop for something else. A cross-over vehicle like you have is appealing because it’s probably easier to get into and out of. At our age, that’s a consideration.

    Cliff has a late model GMC conversion van for his art/music shows. He expects to keep that for a long, long time. I never drive it! When he retires, he can take out the equipment and install a bed for a hotel (almost!) on wheels.

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