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Pam and Gene, daughter and son-in-law, came to visit for the weekend. They said they wanted to work! Sooooo, Jerry rented a brush hog. Oh boy, did they work! Gene brush hog  I didn’t know what a brush hog was or what it even looked like! It eats brush! We have a split rail fence across our property, but it wasn’t even in sight, the brush had grown up so much. IMG_1399  100_5890  Yes, there’s a fence in there! 100_5891   I told you there’s a fence in there! Gene is working so hard, the brush hog is eating all the brush! You can’t see it but Gene is pushing it through. Clearing brush, Pam  Pam worked hard too. This picture isn’t fair to how hard she worked! 100_5892 Even Jerry had to help!   Clearing brush fence  Just look at the difference!  Clearing brush Gene and Jerry  They deserve to sit and rest!

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