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Who can be closer than sisters? Sisters are special friends. They share bedrooms, even beds sometimes. They share clothes and jewelry sometimes. They have likes and dislikes! Secrets are big among sisters! They love to tease and have fun with each other!  Christy, Pam & Kay  My own two daughter’s, Christy and Pam!

One of my daughters-in-law and her sister. Jessica and Sarah. IMG_1343

0008  ???????????????????????????????  Two of my granddaughter’s, Isabella and Sydney!

Haleigh & Elmise  Two more granddaughter’s, Haleigh and Elmise!


Maddie and Megan

Two more granddaughter’s, Maddie and Megan! (I’m looking for a better quality photo of them, when I find one, I’ll post it.)

01-22-2009 01;38;52PM  Four of my nieces, belonging to my sister, Lorraine. The oldest playing her violin is Christy. Playing the piano is Rhonda. Singing is Linda and then also, little Sonja! Of course, they’re all grown up now with children of their own. But such sweet sisters. The next picture of three sisters is of my great-nieces, daughters of Rhonda.


Austin, Mackenzie, and Taylor.

Three more great-nieces, Kimberlyn, Courtney, and Jenna!


Kimberlyn, Courtney, & Jenna.

Yes, sisters have a special relationship. My own sister and I played together as children. Family 001  Oh, the fun we had back then! We played ‘house’ with our dolls! We spent hours playing Paper dolls, Jacks, Jump rope, School, Tag, and more!  We listened to our favorite programs on the radio, like Fiber Magee and Molly, Let’s Pretend, Amos and Andy, and more!

Then as teenagers we kind of went our own ways. I’m not sure why. Lorraine & Anita as teens    She went away to a Christian High School, in her sophomore year of high school, so we were separated from then on. Of course, we were together occasionally but we lacked the close intimate relationship as sisters. We were both so busy with life.

But in retirement we connected again as sisters should and do! I’m on the right with grayish white hair!Lorraine

We lived across the country from each other but we spent hours on the phone, usually late at night, so there were no interruptions. We discussed everything from our childhood, the fun we had, to the strict rules placed upon us; our school years; our belief in God; husbands and children and then grandchildren! We seldom discussed politics. But we gained back that close relationship we had had as children! We loved each other.  We got together whenever we could.

Then late one night the phone rang. I was sure it was Lorraine and I eagerly answered. But no, it was my older brother. He called to tell me Lorraine had died, unexpectedly. I went into shock and still miss her so much!

I loved my sister.

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  1. I know it must be so hard grandma!! I love my sister so much and I can’t imagine the pain of having her gone! You are wonderful and I admire you for living your life the best you can! Remember , God has a reason for doing everything and sometimes removing people is part of his plan! Love you so much!
    Syd ❤

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  2. This is a bittersweet post. The ending surprised and saddened me.

    I enjoyed seeing all duets and trios of sisters in this post. Interesting that you have daughters with totally different complexions: one blonde, the other brunette (unless one of them is into coloring!)

    My sisters and I have gotten very close since Mother’s death because we have had to clear out her house, sell properties, and settle the estate together. Because I’m the oldest of 3 I imagine I will go first, but one never knows. It would feel like an earthquake if I learned one of my siblings was gone. “There’s no friend like a sister, in fair or stormy weather. . . . ” Christina Rossetti

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    • Thanks so much, Marian! Yes, my daughters are very different, both in looks and in personalities! But they are both sweet and lovely and beautiful and intelligent and…
      My sister was only 2 1/2 years older than I was. In fact, I’m now at the age she was when she died! 76 1/2. It’s a rather daunting fact and sometimes scary. I like your quote at the end of your comment.


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