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Fifty-six Years and Counting

Jerry and I wrote letters back and forth for a few weeks but then one day his letter said he wanted to come for a visit! He gave me a date and when I mentioned it to my parents they said they’d be gone that weekend so it wouldn’t be right for him to come. I sadly wrote back to him that I’d love to have him come but we’d have to pick a different weekend.

We continued writing and that particular weekend came along. My parents left and then I got a phone call from my former boyfriend, Burt! He was on his way home from Seattle and was coming through Warsaw, which is next to Winona Lake. He’d be at the train station at a certain time and wanted to come to see me. Oh boy, now what…

I didn’t drive so I called a taxi cab and was at the station when he arrived. He was so pleased to see me! I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw me standing there. We took another cab back to my house in Winona Lake. He then called his parents, who lived in Wilmore, Kentucky, to tell them he had arrived in Winona Lake, so they would drive up to get him.

We sat on the sofa, talking about his trip from Seattle. He suddenly pulled me to himself for our first kiss! Of course I resisted.  He looked shocked and hurt. Then he said, “Is it another guy?” I nodded and said something like it being a long time since we’d been together.

I fixed us something to eat and we talked about nothing, we went for  a walk and finally his parents arrived, also his sister, Nellie, and younger brother, David. Nellie and I had been good friends for several years. I actually made up beds for the entire family to stay overnight!

The next morning, I cooked breakfast for them and they prepared to leave. Oh no, the car had a problem and wouldn’t start! A mechanic was called and he spent a couple of hours working on the motor before he got it fixed! In the meantime, Burt was coaxing me to go home with his family for the weekend! I could go as Nellie’s friend! After all, Nellie and I’d been friends for several years. It was tempting but somehow just didn’t seem right. So I said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

They finally left and I collapsed on the sofa, falling asleep. I was exhausted! Suddenly there was a knock on the door! Who could that be? I quickly straightened my clothes and my hair. When I opened the door, there stood Jerry, with a big smile! I invited him in. As we closed the door he drew me to him with a sweet kiss!

Jerry said he’d been driving around town looking for our house for at least an hour. I suddenly realized he was in town before Burt’s family left! Oh, my! That was a close call! Later when I told him about Burt’s family being there he said if he’d arrived while they were there…he would have left!!!

Jerry worked for Dow Chemical Co. and I didn’t know or understand their scheduling. This was a long weekend for Jerry and he wouldn’t have another one for several weeks.

The next day Mother arrived home by bus! Jerry and I met her. She was very surprised and we quickly explained that he was staying in a hotel. Later she kindly rented a room for him with friends about a block from our house.

We had a great time getting to know each other better. Love was in the air!

A few weeks later I took a bus up to Michigan so I could get to know him and his mother better. I remember being so nervous as the bus got closer to Flint. What if he wasn’t there to meet me? What would I do? I saw him before I even got off the bus. He was standing there waiting with a smile!

But there was a problem! I was a student at Wessington Springs College in South Dakota. Jerry said if I went back our relationship would end. Oh no. I was so troubled. My parents suggested I change colleges and attend Spring Arbor College in Michigan! The rest is history…

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