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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sydney!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Sweet sixteen! And you really are sweet! You’re the busiest teenager I know! Let’s see if I can remember all the activities you’re involved in… Flute lessons, band, and a week of music camp. Holland Tulip Festival, band and Dutch dancer.  Horse riding lessons and competing in horse shows. School, maintaining a high average grade level, homework, and student council office. Babysitting and dog walking. Church. Summer job, camp, counselor in training.  Family. Anything else?

I wish Grandpa and I could celebrate with you! Well, maybe another year. I’m sure your family will make you feel very special today!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Sydney! She’s in the middle of her teen years and she really needs You near her as she goes from day-to-day. Please watch over her, keep her safe as she rides her horse, as she plays her flute in the band. Thank You for helping her perform in the Dutch Dance wearing the Dutch clogs in a long dress. Help her as she makes friends that they will be the right kind of friends and will encourage her. Keep her trusting in You. I love Sydney so much and You love her even more!

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  1. Yay, Sydney, and all of your other blessed children and grands. The prayers are imbedded in their minds and on their hearts. Best of all, they can refer to them any time here.


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