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I Don’t Like Goodbyes

Time is going far too quickly. Goodbye is coming. The two most important families in my world, here in my city, are leaving…  Moving away…   Within the next couple of months, they’ll be gone. I’ll be here. They’re excited. I’m sad.

My youngest son, Rob; daughter-in-law, Jessica; granddaughters, Haleigh, 18 and Elmise, 13; and grandson, Armon, 10, who now live next door and have lived here for 19 years, are moving to Georgia!

My pastor, David, and his wife, Leah, are moving to accept a new challenge and position. They, having ministered here to us for 20 years, are moving to Kansas!

I love a challenge and I’m not one to back away when one is presented to me! But I’m the one being left behind. The future, in my world, looks blank.

Where would I be without my personal faith in my loving Saviour? I would be kicking and screaming, heartbroken and crying!

While I am sad, I’m trusting God to take care of Rob and Jessica and family. They’ll need good jobs (Jessica, R.N. has one); nice home; good schools; good church; Haleigh as a college freshman, settled into dorm life; good friends and neighbors. They are trusting God. He knows all about their family and their move. I’m trusting God for them, even though it hurts.

While I am sad, I’m trusting God to go with Pastor Dave and Leah. Pastor Dave having just earned his Doctor in Ministry, PH.D and will be pastoring a church and teaching ministerial students in a college. Pastor Dave will need just the right treatment for his MS. As far as delivering sermons, I think Pastor Dave is the best preacher I’ve ever heard! He is truly used by God.

Because I am a true believer, I’m trusting God to give us just the right neighbors next door and to send just the right man to fill the position of Lead Pastor of our church. Pastor Dave told us Sunday how God has been leading them to this point in their lives. So…is God working on just the right man to move here and minister to me, to us?

While I still have to say good-bye, I’ll be saying it with hope in what God has in store for me…for us.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Goodbyes

  1. Oh, Anita, not having your family “over the river and through the woods” next door is going to leave a huge hole in your life. You are certainly going to miss having them pop in and no doubt they will miss you, too. Your shared cups of tea, shopping, sleepovers, etc with the grandkids. Be thankful for the years you’ve had to be such a good Christian example to them.
    Love you, Iris

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  2. Amen! To both. Sad for us but happy for what God has working in their lives. Praying for a good fit, here and there.


  3. i know the feeling. Today I say goodbye to my PA sister, but I focus on seeing her again. Yes, you are right: looking forward to that blessed hope!

    The goodbye for a Christian is never really final.

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