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Happy Birthday, Tim

Happy Birthday, Tim!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  You were my third child, born 51 years ago today! You were my sleepy baby! You slept all night right from the start! During the day, I often had to wake you up to feed you! You were a very content child. Many mornings when I went downstairs to begin the day, you were already there, quietly working on putting a puzzle together! You’re my American/Canadian son having duo citizenship. You’ve been to many countries in the world, several that I’ve not been to. Now because of conflicting schedules you and Kaleb are celebrating your birthdays together, father and son, just the two of you! What a special time! I’d better add quickly, I know your family had a special birthday celebration for the two of you last week! So you’re not really neglected! I do wish for you a very happy birthday!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Tim! He’s a fine Christian man, an ambitious man! Please keep him safe in his work, play, as he drives, and sometimes flies. He’s a husband, father, son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend, and neighbor. I love Tim so much and You love him even more!