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Two Weeks With Grandchildren

Boy, am I tired…! But it’s a good tired! Kids have an abundance of energy! If they didn’t I’d be worried.

The first week was with Elmise and Armon, our beautiful adopted grandchildren. Kida   IMG_0913The second week was with Isabella and Sydney. I took these pictures of the four grandchildren, two at a time, a week apart.

Elmise & Armon at McDonalds '15  Elmise is thirteen and Armon is ten. We’re sitting in McDonald’s here having a treat before going home. We’d been to the Nature Center and were in need of some nurishment! Tree Armon  Armon is checking out this hollow tree! Armon tree (2)  Nature walk 1 (2)  Down by the river. It’s too bad the weather wasn’t nicer.  Armon Maple syrup pail (2)  Maple trees are being tapped for Maple Syrup!  We came to the Maple Syrup Shack.  Maple syrup shack

Maple syrup vat (2)  It’s hard to see, but the kids are looking into the boiling vat. Maple syrup barrel  It takes 40 gallons of Sugar Maple sap to make one gallon of pure maple syrup!

Wind 1 The wind blew our basket down. It was so sad. But with the help of Armon Grandpa got it up and fixed temporarily!  Armon basketball 2  Armon was able to get lots of practice time in! He’s good at all sports!

We colored Easter eggs, something I haven’t done since our children were young! It was fun! Coloring eggs 1

An afternoon at the Butterfly House is always fun!    It’s a nice walk through Dow Gardens before arriving at the Butterfly House.  Both kids climbed the huge boulders. Elmise & Armon climbing

Then the weekend came and two more cousins came! Sydney and Isabella came to spend the next week with Grandma and Grandpa, overlapping on the weekend with Elmise and Armon. It was a good time for Elmise. It’s hard for an adolescent girl to be at grandparents house with only a younger brother. We did lots of things together, baking, playing Skip-Bo, etc. but she wasn’t truly happy until the cousins arrived! Here they are in a bed made up just for them on the floor of the sun-room. Granddaughters sleep night (2)  They talked and giggled way into the night like girls do!  Sunday morning Elmise and Sydney styled Bella’s hair! Girls hair styling Bella hair-do  They did a good job!

The last Easter Egg Treasure Hunt was fun and kind of bittersweet. The grandchildren are growing up! So the Easter bunny has officially retired! Easter Egg Hunt 1  Easter Egg Hunt 4

Monday, two grandkids went home and two stayed for the next week. Sydney and Isabella. We took a day and went to visit Central Michigan University for Sydney. Yes, she’s starting to look at universities to attend after high school. She’s a sophomore now! It was a good day!

IMG_0831  We also drove through Northwood University. It’s situated in a big woods. We saw lots of deer! IMG_0850 (2)  This was very close to campus. We spent an afternoon at the Community Center swimming pool. Syd & Bella swimming We had a precious time together. All our grandchildren are growing up. These are our Michigan grandchildren. We did lots of other activities together, like playing Skip-Bo, watching movies, chatting, baking, cooking, shopping, etc. These two weeks are almost over. Time is rushing by. See the next post for visits to the Butterfly House…