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Basketball Hoop – Gone With The Wind

We’ve always had a basketball hoop, like most families. When we moved the basket stayed. It wouldn’t be long before we’d have a new one.

The basketball hoop we now have, that is until last night, we got at a yard sale. It was the end of the sale and the man said, “Take anything you want. I want it all gone by tonight!” So Jerry and Rob loaded the whole thing in our truck, the post, the backboard, and basket.

Many hours of fun were the result of them driving very slowly home with it tied in the back of the truck.

Many hours and many grandkids played basketball in our yard. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This was at a family get-together when the whole family came from Illinois, Sask., Canada, South Carolina and Michigan.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is Sydney.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Elmise.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Armon. I have more pictures but I’m having trouble locating them.

Last night we had strong winds. Here is the result. Wind 1  I don’t know if it can fixed. How sad.

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    • Thanks, Marian! It might be a continued story! We’ll have to wait and see! The family is descending on us again this summer! But, alas, grandchildren are growing up so jobs are interfering with our beloved family time! But, it’s also exciting to see them take responsibility for their college educations. 😉


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