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A Change of Plans

How do I handle a change of plans?

Yesterday, Jerry and I had planned to go out for supper. We usually do on Thursdays.

I was in Meijer’s buying groceries. I knew I didn’t have to hurry home to fix supper. We were going out. As I went around an aisle I met my niece, Cathy. We stopped to chat. Our chat time became rather long! We seldom visit so we had lots to talk about and neither of us seemed to be in a hurry! We both listened to each other and we laughed a lot! I needed that! I wasn’t concerned about needing to go home to fix supper…we were going out!

As I stood in the check-out  lane waiting, I called Jerry to let him know I would be home soon. We were good to go!

I finally got home, just in time to unload groceries and leave to go to Lanny’s, our favorite restaurant. But I was shocked when I walked in the back door! There, on my kitchen island, were two soup bowls of leftover scalloped potatoes with Polish sausage, waiting to be warmed in the microwave oven!

What? What happened? I thought we were going out! Jerry stood there with a grin on his face!

“You just missed a visitor!” he tried to explain. “Marilyn was here.” What did that have to do with going out for supper? “She was here to invite you to go dog sledding! Which would you rather do?” Ruhl & Marilyn 2015

No question… I’ll go dog sledding! I’ve never gone before and it’s on my bucket list! My supper was put in the microwave as I unloaded the groceries. I ate quickly, dressed warmly and away I went! We’ll go out to eat another time.

What a fun time I had! It was a perfect day for dog sledding. The sun was shining. The air was crisp and cold. No wind. I loved it! Even tipping over once didn’t dampen my spirits! Here We Go  This was a minor change of plans. What about a big change?

Thirteen years ago I had plans to go to Thailand on a missions trip. It was my third time to go on this exciting adventure. I was ready! Four days before I was to leave, I fell on a patch of ice in our driveway and broke my wrist! My doctor, after surgery, to set my wrist and after putting a cast on from my shoulder down to my fingertips, said no to my trip to Thailand!

“No.” He just looked at me, I need to see you next week he explained. “But, I’ve already got my ticket! I have to go…!” My doctor finally and reluctantly said I could go.

So, off I went. It was the most difficult trip I’ve ever taken. I became very frustrated with my cast! I had to take showers with my arm in a plastic bag and tied above the cast! I had to have assistance with my bra! I had to write with my left hand! I cried so many tears of frustration. While I was in Thailand I became very sick with flu or something. Oh, I was so sick but I had to keep on with my responsibilities.  I had only three kids in my class! Three!

Was it worth all the money, the frustration, the time, etc. for three kids? Should I have listened to my doctor and stayed home? Was God closing the door to my trip to Thailand? But in my stubbornness I insisted on going?

Someone mentioned the impact I may have had on those three preteens. I don’t know. Thailand is a long way away, I’ve never seen or heard from them again. Only eternity will tell.

Change of plans. How do I accept it? How do you accept it?


4 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. I just read about your change of plans from a well planned dinner party to a rousing birthday party! What fun! I agree: Life is all about how you handle Plan B. Life is interesting, to say the least, and I want to make the most of it! Thanks for your comment, Marian! 🙂


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