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Dog Sledding!

A dream has come true! I went dog-sledding!

My nephew, Ruhl, has Huskies and they are beautiful! He also has a dog sled! Ruhl Hoover He’s known my desire for a few years now, but it just wasn’t the right time to take an aunt who is in her 70’s! Until today!

It’s a beautiful, cold, crisp, sunshiny, snowy day! I felt like a little kid! At one point I remember yelling, “This is so much fun!” Here We Go We tipped over once! We were turning around and the dogs turned too sharply! Ruhl was a little worried about me. I was fine and came up laughing!

A rabbit ran across the drive in front of us and the dogs saw it! Ruhl & Anita They kept running but they were looking off to the left to where the rabbit went!   Ruhl & Marilyn 2015  This is Marilyn and Ruhl, my beautiful niece and nephew! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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