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New Bucket List

This was a short bucket list I wrote in 2012. I accomplished eight of them!

1. Go to Colorado to visit my, 98-year-old, mother. 

2. Write more chapters of my parents and family story.

3. Lose 15 pounds and keep it off.
4. Ride an elephant.
5. Help Armon with learning.
6. Create Christmas card.
7. Have a get-together with my friend, Dean, and his wife.
8. Accomplish fall cleaning.
9. Create newsletter bi-weekly.
10 Enter photography contest.
11. Communicate with Andrew and wife.

Now, we’re in 2015, I need to make a bucket list for this year! So here goes…


17. Travel to Ireland.

1.  Go to South Carolina to Miller’s graduation. Done June.

2.  Go to Haleigh’s graduation. Done June.

3.  Go to Haiti. Done July.

4.  Finish my writing on My Big Brother and send it to him!

5.  Continue writing my parents story.

6.  Lose weight.

7.  Attend Conference in May. Done May.

8.   Have family ‘get-together’ here in July or August. Done.

9.  Continue writing Prime Time News newsletter bi-weekly. Done.

10. Create Christmas card.

11. Communicate with Andrew and Katie.

12. Sort books and give appropriate books to book receivers.

13. Clean and arrange reading room.

14. Clean wood floors and wax.

15. Ride an elephant.

16. Go dog-sledding.  Feb. 26, 2015

Well, that’s it for now. I may add to it later…




2 thoughts on “New Bucket List

  1. I’ve read somewhere research that proves goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved than wishes in our heads. That seems common-sensical to me, but it works. I do the same with lists, and when something isn’t checked off, I just roll it over onto the next list. Sooner or later . . . !

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    • My husband has always been a list maker. He’s an achiever! I’m not too much on lists and I don’t always accomplish what I want to do! But I’m learning… Hopefully, I’ll accomplish much this year! Thanks for writing! 🙂


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