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A Weekend With Grandkids

Actually it’s more than a weekend, it’s Friday afternoon to Tuesday evening. It’s going well. A very long ice-sickle took Armon’s attention! Icesicle '15 (2)  IMG_0579 IMG_0580

Jerry and Elmise cooked a ham and cabbage boiled dinner. It’s an all day project, starting first thing in the morning and ending with eating supper! FullSizeRender (2)  Grandpa and Elmise Ham & cabbage boiled dinner with family  Elmise and Armon love it…Haleigh does not!

I love watching Jerry teaching the kids new skills. He’s so patient and explains everything out, letting them try, then helping when they need a hand. The next big project was Armon building a fire in the wood-stove. Crinkled up newspapers came first, then kindling, then logs. Armon did each step, even lighting the match to start the newspapers burning. Grandpa & Armon  Armon  Armon & Fire  Good job, Armon! Then when it got going good, the kids roasted marshmallows!  Haleigh roasting a marshmellow  Elmise roasting a marshmellow  Armon roasting marshmellow .  We also went sledding and tobogganing. They had a lot of fun. Kids sledding  Tobaggoning fun  Our City Forest has a great winter program with sledding, tobogganing, ice skating, skiing, you name it they’ve got it! Warming House  The warming house, the fire place is so inviting! Fire place in the warming house  Church on Sunday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Back to school on Monday. Parents come home Tuesday night. AHHHHH!

3 thoughts on “A Weekend With Grandkids

  1. This post warmed the cockles of my heart as I remember the feel of large icicles on my mittens, and the thrill of sledding and ice skating.
    How wonderful to make this a multi-generational experience. Making memories, you are, Anita!

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    • Thanks Marian, we have lots of good memories but we admit, we’re tired! Our son and daughter-in-law come home this evening. Then life gets back to normal. But we’ll always remember the good times. 🙂


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