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Happy Birthday, Megan

Happy Birthday, Megan! You are so pretty! You’ve just now entered your last teen year!

Megan senior pic (2)  You’re ambitious and that’s good. You’ve been a life guard at the pool, you’ve worked with animals and I don’t even know what else you’ve done. You’re a girl with a big heart! Now you’re half done with your freshman year in college. You have a bright future ahead of you. I wish we could be near you more, but we love you no matter where you are or how many miles separate us!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Megan! She’s a beautiful person! She’s a daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, niece, friend and neighbor. Please watch over her in her college life, keep her safe and well. Help her with her classes, friends, teachers, roommates, classmates. Help her to know You are Alive and  You are Love. I love Megan so much and You love her even more!

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