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It’s A Wonder…

It’s a wonder my kids are still alive! I’m watching the news and the latest thing is that children need to be facing backwards in their car seats! Oh, dear…we didn’t even have car seats when my children were children! Neither did we have seat belts!

We went on several trips to the west coast, from Michigan. We loved our Pontiac station wagon. We piled the kids in the back with blankets and pillows and toys. They could play and when they got sleepy they laid down and took a nap!

Then one year we bought a Ford pick-up and a Gem camper! The kids rode in the camper and Jerry and I with our youngest child rode in the truck! They loved lying on the bed and looking out the window extending over the cab!  Oh yes, we had an intercom system so we could communicate. We have such great memories of our trips!

I placed my babies on their stomachs for sleeping! They slept better that way! I put sleepers on them over their pajamas to keep them warm, but I also put baby blankets in with them. They liked the soft edges! I didn’t know any better…

That’s not the only difference in life. We also spanked and taught our children respect!

Life has changed a great deal from our early years. Some of it is better but not all. Technology has made a tremendous difference in life. Some of it is good…but not all. We must do our best to keep up and to teach our grandchildren love and belief in God; love for family; respect for people and laws; safety; to distinguish between good and evil.

Life is a challenge worth living. I’m now in the latter part of life. I have many regrets, but I have many more joys and many happy memories. God has blessed me with my life, my marriage, my children, my grandchildren, my extended family, my friends. Most of all I’ve been blessed with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Life is worth living!

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  1. Boy, does this post resonate with me! Years ago, when my husband was traveling with art assembly programs, I joined him on the road in a van with our 2-year-old daughter on a folding chair between us and our 6-month-old son on my lap. All this with a travel trailer behind us.

    We spanked too, but always followed by a loving explanation after the punishment. The kids seem to have turned out all right – better than all right, just like yours.

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  2. Life is quite different now. I also remember loading up the car with friends to go somewhere fun. Now the number of seat belts determines the number of passengers. But yes, it is safer! Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  3. I have often wondered how my children stayed alive too. You made me laugh because the rules are so different now days. My kids are always telling me things about what is right and wrong when it comes to their kids. I say thank God thank God they made it to adulthood.

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