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Five Years Ago

Five years ago today a horrific earthquake hit the already impoverished country of Haiti. Time has flown by…haiti It greatly affected us, up here in Michigan. Two friends of ours had gone to Haiti to work. They had only been there a few hours and were killed instantly when the guest house, they were staying in, crumbled. One of our missionaries was also killed.

There were two little children, Elmise and Armon, in an orphanage, in Port-au-Prince, waiting to be released, to be adopted by our son and daughter-in-law, Rob and Jessica. It takes about two years for an adoption to become final! It also takes thousands of dollars! Our two precious grandchildren were among the first ones to be flown out of the country, after the earthquake! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I took this picture the day they arrived at home in Michigan. We were so anxiously waiting for them! The picture shows Tyler, Jessica, Elmise, Haleigh, Armon and Rob. They went from a family of four to a family of six! P1020415 Elmise  A recent picture of Elmise! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  A recent picture of Armon!

But, please, don’t get the idea that life is like a bunch of roses! No…is your life perfect? Well, neither is theirs. There are problems that come up every now and then. But they are still a beautiful family. I love each one of them, altogether and individually!

Sometimes it feels like they’ve been in the family forever! But, no, it’s been five years! How time flies, especially when you’re having fun! God is the head of their home and family and He is blessing them.


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    • Good morning, Marian! Yes, Haleigh and I are going to Haiti in July. We’re looking forward to it. We’ve both been there before so we sort of know what we’re getting into! We’ve not been there since the earthquake.


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