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Old Year – New Year

2014 is over.

IMG_0417 (2)  Two of my granddaughters, Sydney and Bella, and myself on the last day of 2014 at the ice skating arena! They skated, I read a book on my Kindle.

The year went so quickly! I have so many memories and I’ve written most of them on here over the year. I’m a lover of traveling and went on three significant trips last year: South Carolina, Colorado, Iowa. I live in Michigan.

I had my share of illness, nothing serious, thank goodness.

I had company, which I love!

2015 is just beginning.

A whole new year! What will take place this year? I wonder… Some plans are already being made:  a trip to Haiti in July with granddaughter, Haleigh! That will be exciting!


Graduation, with two grandchildren graduating in June, is presenting a dilemma.


Miller in South Carolina… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  How do I go to both?

I’m contemplating a slight change in the newsletter I’m editor of…more on this later.

What else will the year hold? I have no idea! I’m trusting God for whatever happens…good or bad. He is my Rock.

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  1. Someone has said that one of the ingredients for happiness is something to look forward to – your trip to Haiti with Haleigh is one of those. How fortunate these kiddos have you for a grandma!

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