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Teddy Bears

I love Teddy Bears. I’m now 76 years old, but I still love Teddy Bears and have many!!! I just know you’d like to see them!  FullSizeRender  This is only some of them! Jerry, my husband, still has his Teddy Bear from when he was a little boy! FullSizeRender  The bigger one in this picture is from Jerry’s childhood. The tiny one is very, very old, but I’m not sure who he belonged to…

I come by my love for Teddy Bears honestly! This picture of my mother holding two big Teddy Bears proves it!  Wash trip 07 007 Mother and I bought these two big bears when I was visiting her in Washington! The one on the left we mailed to my sister-in-law, Cookie. The one on the right I took home with me on the plane! I put him in a big bag. No one complained because I had an extra carry-on! Kids sitting around me loved it when I pulled him out and showed him to them!

This is my lovable Panda Bear family! IMG_0358 (2)  And who doesn’t love Pooh Bear? I had more but I’ve given a few away! I’ve added a Polar Bear with Pooh!  IMG_0359 (2)         So there you have my lovable Teddy Bears. Do you love Teddy Bears?


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