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Learning To Read

I began school in Des Moines, Iowa, attending Nash and Kirkwood Schools. With their system, at that time, because my birthday is in October I started school in January. Dick and Jane were the books I learned to read with!  IMG_0273  FullSizeRender (97)

We moved to Covington, Oklahoma the summer of 1946. I was ready for my second semester of second grade. But with their system, everyone started school in September. My parents had a decision to make. I could either skip a semester and move up to third grade or repeat a semester and stay in second grade. This affected my older brother and sister, as well. It was decided we should all repeat a semester.

That was a good move for me! I was the best reader in second grade! Mrs. Wilcox was my teacher and I became her helper! When we were having silent reading, if a boy or girl didn’t know a word, they would put their hand up and I would go to their rescue! I knew all the words! No, I wasn’t smarter than the others, I was simply a little bit ahead!

No more Dick and Jane! Now I had Jerry and Alice! Friendly Village was my second-grade reader and If I Were Going was my third-grade reader. I still have them today!  IMG_0278  FullSizeRender (100)  If I Were Going was especially interesting to me because it took us to a lot of countries around the world! Another favorite textbook from 3rd grade was my geography book, I still have it too!  IMG_0277

Another huge difference in the school systems was that in Oklahoma books were purchased, not loaned! The first day of school in Covington, after enrolling the three of us children, my family stood outside the school building. My parents were in shock! They had to buy our books! The problem was moving there had taken all their money! They were broke! A new friend, Bro. Kegan, saw their frustration and came to their rescue, by giving them money to purchase our school books, about $20.00!

I have always loved to read. This fact explains why today I have a reading room in my house!  FullSizeRender (95)  This is only a portion of my books! ?????????????????????????????????????  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This last picture is of the books written by my dad, Glen Williamson. FullSizeRender (93)   So now you know where I got my love for reading and writing!

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  1. What a wise decision you and your family made – to repeat a grade that made you a star student. As you know I can relate to the vintage of many of the readers you pictured.

    My jaw fell open when I beheld your library. I write beside mine and feel its comfort. William Dean Howells has astutely said: “Nothing furnishes a room like books.”

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your!

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