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Veteran’s Day

I’m honoring the veterans from my family today on Veteran’s Day. Beginning clear back to World War I.

??????????????  Louis Hood, cousin.  A cousin of my dad, Glen Williamson. Louis was killed hours or perhaps minutes after the armistice was signed on this day, November 11, 1918!

Harry Sloop, uncle, served in World War I. Harry was Jerry’s mother’s brother. Sorry, no picture.

Scan_Pic0054  Louis Williamson, cousin, served in World War II. His dad, Louis Williamson and my dad, Glen Williamson, were brothers. I, along with several others visited Louis last weekend. He’s now 90 years of age!

Scan_Pic0053  Richard Aanas, my uncle, served in World War II and lost both of his legs, fighting in France. He was my mother’s brother.

Scan_Pic0158  Bob Archer, my brother-in-law, served in World War II. Brother of my husband, Jerry.

Scan_Pic0169  Roger Bebeau, my brother-in-law, served in the US Navy in World War II. His wife, Betty, is Jerry’s sister.

Scan_Pic0168  Richard Williamson, my brother, served during the Korean Conflict.

??????????????????  Jim Archer, my brother-in-law, Jerry’s brother, served during the Korean Conflict.

Scan_Pic0170  Jerry Archer, my husband, served during the Viet Nam War.

Chuck Gray, cousin. Served in Navy. Son of cousins, Roy and Beulah Gray. Sorry no picture.

????????????  Roger Bebeau, nephew, served in National Guard. Son of Jerry’s sister, Betty.

Scan_Pic0159  Woody Williamson, nephew, served in Desert Storm. Woody is the son of my brother, Bill Williamson.

Scan_Pic0165  Sean Banford, son-in-law, served in the US Army. Sean is Christy’s husband.

There are more, but I’m not aware of them. Still, I salute each one of them all.



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