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Sunday: A Day of Worship, Family Get-Together and Good-bye

Sunday ended our great trip to Iowa. But it ended with a bang! It was a great day! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It began with a beautiful sunrise. The big living room windows of LeRoy and Carolyn Gray’s house face the east so enjoy the sunrise every morning! Yes, they are up early, they have horses to care for, remember?

First we worshiped. That’s what Sunday is for… I’m hoping to write a separate post about this because our party of five worshiped in three different houses of worship, but we all worshiped the same great God!  The Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church and the Gospel Hall.

We drove to Marion, Iowa to get together with my cousin, LJ.FullSizeRender (78) He recently turned 90 years of age! He’s fourteen years older than I am and when we were young he was called LJ. He was named after his dad so it was easier. But he informed me that he prefers Louis so I’ll try to call him Louis from this day on! We had about an hour to sit and visit, just the two of us! It was so good! We talked about our youthful days; our parents, his dad, Louis, and  my dad, Glen, were brothers and of course they’re both gone now; our spouses, Ermadell and Jerry. His wife has been gone for several years now; our children, his two and my five; grandchildren  and his great-grandchildren. A luncheon was being prepared for us so we finally made our way across to a fellowship room in his nursing home. More cousins began to arrive! Both of his children were already there: Iris and Bob and Keith and Michele and two of my children: Pam and Gene and Tim.Then many more cousins arrived, most I’d never met before but we were all family so we had a lot to talk about and didn’t really seem like strangers! It was kind of a cousins reunion! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Doris Williamson Gary, Louis Williamson and myself. Doris came down from Hammond, Minnesota and I came from Midland, Michigan. We’re all first cousins. Doris’s father was Floyd Williamson, Louis’s father was Louis Williamson and my father was Glen Williamson, three brothers from a family of seven children.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are second cousins of Louis, Doris and me. Tim Archer, Karen Cunningham, Leroy Gray, Kay Hoffman, Pamela Bazan, Iris Duff  and Keith Williamson.  Louis is between his own two children, Iris and Keith.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These three smiling women are third cousins of Louis, Doris and me. Karla Orr, Sarah Hansel and Bridget Brandt. Sarah and Bridget are actually granddaughters of Louis!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here are fourth cousins of Doris, Louis and me. Addison Orr,  two sets of twins: Zoe and David Hansel, Cameron and Corbin,  Aaron and Lily Brandt.

None of these could be here without the out-laws, I mean in-laws! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Carolyn Gray, Gene Bazan, Jerry Archer, Brett Hansel, Michele Williamson, Roy Brandt, Lucky Hoffman and Jamie Orr. One is missing here: Bob Duff.

These two little fourth cousins hit it off right away with a handicraft project! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Zoe Hansel and Addison Orr.

These cousins were from near and far! Illinois, Iowa, Michigan,  Minnesota and Saskatchewan, Canada! We all left knowing we want to do this again!


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    • I couldn’t help but think how happy all of our parents would be if they knew we were keeping in touch, even though they weren’t here to plan the occasion!
      I was pleased to learn that worship is important to all my cousins. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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