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Happy Birthday to Me

A son, Tim, a daughter and son-in-law, Pam and Gene, my husband, Jerry and I all went on a weekend trip to Iowa to visit cousins. It wasn’t planned or intended to be a birthday celebration because my birthday happened to be on the weekend that best-suited everyone’s dates, but it turned out to be a great birthday for me! One of my best! Here’s how we drove to Iowa from Chicago. Our Buick has three rows of seats. I chose to sit in the very back. I wanted to sit there. The first picture is Tim driving, Pam sitting behind him.  FullSizeRender (81)  FullSizeRender (82)  This second picture is Gene in front and Jerry behind him. When we arrived at the home of “my most favorite cousin in the whole wide world” LeRoy and Carolyn Gray, Jerry and I got settled in. Pam, Gene and Tim were staying with my other favorite cousin, Kay and Lucky. Because this wasn’t  planned as a birthday trip I was hoping no one even thought about it being my birthday. But no…a large gift was waiting for me from LeRoy and Carolyn! An Amish made quilt! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then we all went to a nearby Amish farm for dinner. Oh, my, what a dinner! More cousins met us there, Chuck and Mary FullSizeRender (91) LeRoy is sitting on the other side of Mary. Chuck and LeRoy are brothers. FullSizeRender (86)Lucky and Kay. Kay is my next favorite cousin! These are actually all second cousins to me. There were thirteen of us cousins at the dinner! Iris and Bob Duff, Pam and Gene Bazan, Tim Archer, Shirley  Pratt.                              As soon as we were seated the Amish lady, who had cooked our supper, brought out this beautiful and delicious birthday cake, she had made and decorated, for me! FullSizeRender (84)  IMG_0213 (3)Then the food was brought out…oh my! So much food and all so delicious! I took a small helping from each dish! IMG_0216 (2)  There was both beef and chicken, homemade apple butter is on my home made bread! Everything was so delicious!

It was a true Amish dinner with no electricity. A kerosene lamp was brought in and set at one end of the room! I’ve edited most of these pictures to make them light. FullSizeRender (89)  To keep flies from pestering us, a sticky strip hung from the ceiling! You can see it here in this picture!  FullSizeRender (79)  After we finally finished eating the main course, it was time for me to cut the cake! FullSizeRender (83)  It was so good! But then the nice Amish lady brought out pie! Two different kinds! I ate a small piece of black raspberry pie. I was stuffed…but it was all soooo good!

After we finished eating cook’s nieces and nephews came in to eat their supper! It was fun and interesting to see these young Amish kids! They were quite curious about us and especially about our phones with cameras! It was hard for me to not take pictures of them!

What a wonderful birthday I had! I entered the second half of my 70’s decade! That’s a little sobering…and I’m remembering my sister, Lorraine, who died, so suddenly, at age 76! But since I’ve never been 76 before, I’m going to enjoy it!!! Happy Birthday to me!


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  1. There are so many things in this post to like, I’m not sure where to begin. First of all, the surprise and the choice of venue is outstanding. You know that would strike a chord with my Mennonite background. The quilt is amazing. Such a beautiful design, and I know such handiwork they doesn’t come cheap.

    You must feel very loved – Happy Birthday!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. My cousins live beside a large Amish community. I’ll be writing about it soon. Thanks for your good comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


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