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Autumn Season

Here we are: autumn! FullSizeRender (37)  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The fall season of the year… and the senior season of our lives, Jerry and me! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA How did we get here?  Even this picture isn’t up to date, it was taken about four years ago! My hair was gray…it’s now white!  Lorraine 010  This is my family with us on our wedding day. Three of these people are in heaven today: Dad, Mother and sister, Lorraine. Where did the years go? We were all so young. Well, it was 55 years ago! It hardly seems possible. Family of seven0005  Here we were with our five children when our children were children!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow we’re here with our grown children and their spouses. Sean is missing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We’re with our grandchildren our children have given to us! Andrew, Katie, Tyler, Max and Sydney are missing.

But where have the years gone? We now get tired easily. We sometimes forget things! We have aches and pains. We don’t like to drive after dark! We’ve gained weight! My hair is white…Jerry has lost his!

I remember when my parents were the ages we are now. I thought they were really old! But I don’t feel old! Do my children think I’m really old? I know my grandchildren think I’m old. One thing is true: I am aging! In a few days I’ll be 76! I’ll be entering the second half of my 70’s decade. But I’m still young!!!

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  1. I am in PA from FL now enjoying autumn splendor as you show.

    All the family photos are sweet especially the wedding picture. Don’t worry about age. I’m in your decade but not quite as far along. We are young at heart for sure!

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