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Saturday – Soccer Day

Saturday is soccer day around here! Our grandson, Armon, is a terrific soccer player! Today was the third game this season. His team has won every game so far! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  For the first half of the game Armon was goalie. His team is wearing light-colored shirts. Sorry, Michael got right smack in the way so we can’t see the ball but Armon did get it. It’s okay, Michael, you were doing good!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This picture I took for the trees! Aren’t they beautiful? Autumn is here!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Jerry on a Saturday morning! Unshaven, shading his eyes with a baseball cap, but enjoying watching Armon and the rest of the team winning the game!!!

Armon’s birthday was this week so his party was Wednesday late afternoon just before soccer practice. He asked me to make him a soccer field cake! So…here it is! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Nothing too great but he thought it was!

That’s all that matters! My grandson, Armon, the soccer player!!!

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    • The soccer games are fun to go to, especially since our team is winning!

      I wasn’t creative at all with the cake. I bought a set of soccer players and goal posts. For boys it was okay…

      Thanks for commenting, 🙂


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