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Happy Birthday, Armon

Happy Birthday, Armon! Here you are with the birthday dinner you ordered: stuffed green peppers! I don’t know of any other kid who would order that! You’re an amazing kid! You also ordered a soccer ball birthday cake!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   You’re now ten years old! Wow! Where have the years gone? I think you had a good day today. You talked with Tyler and his girl friend sent you a sweet message. You took cupcakes to school that I saw you baking yourself yesterday! Tomorrow is your birthday party just before your soccer practice. I hope you’ll be able to run and practice well after eating cake with frosting!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Armon! He’s a sweet boy. Thank You for giving him to us as our grandson. We love him. Please be near him. help him to love and serve You.  Help him in school. Help him with the problems he has. Please keep him safe as he plays soccer. He’s a son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend and neighbor. I love Armon so much and You love him even more!

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  1. I like the idea of your talking to Armon with the reader listening in – very effective. And what’s not to like with green peppers (huge!) and a sweet slice of cake or two. The first week of October we have five family birthdays. Three we will celebrate here in Jacksonville (Grandson Ian and his Mother that I will be posting about) and then my Aunt Ruthie who turns 96 up in PA.

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    • Have fun celebrating five birthdays all in the month of October. My birthday is in October too! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      Did you read about my antique mirror? It’s in My Dear Friend…


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