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Eyes Closed Tightly…

Last evening I closed my eyes as I began entering the long tube. I kept them tightly closed until I exited the long tube! I was having a MRI of my right shoulder. I don’t know how long I was in that tube but it was a long noisy time. I wish I had timed it. My appointment was at 6:00 PM and I arrived back home close to 8:00 PM. I might have fallen to sleep while in the tube except that it was the noisiest place I’ve ever been in! They gave me ear plugs for in my ears and ear phones for over my ears so I could hear the beautiful classical music being played for me and still the noise was the loudest I’ve ever heard! A lot of the time I couldn’t even hear the music! It sounded like the oldest, noisiest factory ever.

Negative thoughts began to come to my mind. Bad thoughts. Oh what to do… I began to pray. It was mainly a prayer of praise to God for who He is: Creator, my Healer, my Savior, my Rock, Bread of Life, Living Water, Bright and Morning Star, Rose of Sharon, Love, Mercy and Grace, Life, Light, All Knowing, Caring, All Seeing, All Hearing, Ever Present, Omnipresent… Oh, I stopped there briefly! Was He inside that tube with me? Oh yes, of course He was! I thanked Him for being with me. I wasn’t alone! I thanked Him for the medical advances that have been made.

Oh, how I cherish my personal relationship with Jesus. What would I ever do without Him?

The long ordeal was finally over. As I was rolled out of the tube, I opened my eyes. One man had been with me when I went in, now three people were there to help me, if needed. I was a little dizzy but otherwise was fine. I’ll know in a couple of days the outcome of the MRI. Hopefully anything else I have to endure for my shoulder will be less intense than this MRI! Shall I keep you posted?

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    • Thanks for commenting. I haven’t gotten a report yet. I had a month of pt and it may have helped a little but not much.
      My sister couldn’t take it and had to be taken out of the tube. Later they repeated it but she was put out for the procedure!


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