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A Misplaced Kiss

I stopped into the supermarket to buy some pizza sauce and pepperoni so my grand-kids and I could make home-made pizza for Saturday evening supper. It was going to be sooo good! Bacon, ground beef, pepperoni, green pepper, onion, olives, lots of cheese! Sound good? It was! But…back to our stop at the supermarket. I had one grandson with me. He’s a special little guy. The star of his soccer team. Nine years old. He loves to help me out any way he can.

We were at the self-serve check-out, with only a few items. A mother and son were across from us. The boy was about the same size as my grandson but possibly younger. He had red hair and was very fair-skinned. My grandson has black hair and very dark skin.  Okay, he’s black. He’s actually from Haiti. Suddenly the white boy came running over to us, right up to my grandson and began planting a kiss. In his surprise, my grandson flinched and so the kiss actually landed on his shoulder! Thank goodness! The boy turned and walked back to his mother.

We were both in shock! We both turned to look at them. They were looking at us. In hind sight I think I should have gone over and talked to the mother, but in my shock, I finished our business and we left.

My poor grandson, he kept asking me why the boy kissed him. I said, “I didn’t know. He should not have done that.” Why did he do it?

Finally that evening I said, “Color of skin doesn’t make any difference. But sometimes when a person sees someone who looks entirely different they want to express their feelings. So maybe, because that boy is soooo white and you are so dark, he may have wanted you to know color to him doesn’t matter. He loves you!” I told him how sorry I was that that happened and I loved him very much.  Well…he nodded and walked away. I could tell it still bothered him.

How to handle difficult situations…  I don’t know. Thank goodness I serve a God who understands and loves us. I pray for my grandchildren everyday, by name. There are 15 of them and they live all over North America. I’m trusting God to watch over each one of them.

And yes, God knows about the situation I just wrote about. I’m leaving it in His Hands.

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