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Happy Birthday, Richard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Happy Birthday, Richard! I can’t believe it…!  Mother and Dad both reached this age but I didn’t think my brother ever would!  Oh, I don’t mean I wanted to lose you before now…I just mean, where did the years go? How can my brother be eighty? Yes, really…we’ve almost lost you three different times in the last couple years! The last time was just a few months ago. A horrible sore on your foot! It could have taken your life! One surgeon said, “We need to amputate his foot.” Another surgeon said, “If given the chance I think I can save his foot and his life!” The go-ahead was given to that surgeon! Before going into surgery, the surgeon asked you if he could pray with you! He prayed for God to guide his hands and fingers and to be your strength!

I had the privilege of going to Colorado to be with you and Cookie for a week.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                        I had planned on going to visit for this birthday! Because of your serious illness I went early. It was a very good week! This picture is you and me.

Heavenly Father, thank You for Richard! Thank You for Your Healing Touch on his body, once again. Please continue to touch him both physically and spiritually. Watch over him. He’s a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend and neighbor. I love Richard so much and You love him even more!