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Lorraine D & Anita ATwo years ago tonight I received a phone call, from my brother, with the shocking news that our beloved sister, Lorraine, had died unexpectedly. Oh, what a shock! I couldn’t believe it and I still have trouble today believing it…

As children we were close and played together every day. We played house (dolls), jacks, jump rope, paper dolls and more. There were only two and a half years between us so when we were young we were very close. When she became a teenager, I was still a kid who wanted to play, so we began to drift apart. Then she went away to school in her high school sophomore year and we just never had that  special closeness  again until  we were both retired! I don’t mean to say we didn’t communicate or get together during those years because we did but it was as sisters not close sisters!

Then we began calling each other on the phone late at night! What good times we had, reminiscing and laughing together! Very often our calls were over two hours long! And then we only hung up because we felt we should…not because we wanted to! She flew here to visit for several days once and we had a great time. I guess I should say here that she lived on the west coast and I live in Michigan. I had been west a couple of times a year, every year, because our parents lived there too, so we saw each other, but it was different when she came to my house because it was just us.

We discussed the good and the bad. Our opinions often differed on subjects, but we didn’t argue. We both knew where each other stood. Being brought up in the same family, with the same parents and the same rules, our lives had become completely opposite. We loved and respected and understood each other.

There is so much more I’d like to write…my mind is just whirling with thoughts. But, I’ll end this by saying I miss you and love you, Lorraine.