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A Lonely Year

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One year ago last evening I decided to stay all night, with my mother, in the nursing home. No one objected. I drank lots of coffee and Coke to help me stay awake. I read. I played games on my computer. I observed Mother’s breathing. I talked to her even though she didn’t respond to me. I prayed…oh, how I prayed… I must have dozed off sometime between two and three o’clock. I woke up about four o’clock. Her breathing was different. I moved from her lounge chair to a wheel chair and wheeled myself right up to her bed. I watched her closely and talked to her. I put my hand on hers. I told her I was Anita. I told her I loved her. I told her she’d been a good mother. I told her God loved her.

At seven o’clock AM she took her last breath.

I, tearfully, made some phone calls, first to my husband, Jerry. Then I called my brother’s, Bill and Richard. Next, I called my children.

Family began arriving. A man, who introduced himself as a chaplain, came in to comfort us. We talked and then he began singing! He had a beautiful voice. We finally joined in with him.  Amazing Grace!  He took out an instrument and began playing! He explained to us it was a Native American Flute.

Finally…the men from the funeral home arrived. We went out to the hallway while they prepared to take her away. When we went back into the room to say our final good-byes, I couldn’t believe it…! Mother looked beautiful! Her hair was combed so nicely and she had such a peaceful look on her face! I’ll never forget seeing her for those few minutes! I lingered and kissed her good-bye…

We all went back out to the hallway to wait for the men to bring her out and take her away. The chaplain explained to us that when she was brought out he would follow and then we should follow him! Like a parade! We did…it was unforgettable! We were a parade with Mother leading! Chaplain played his flute as we walked down the sidewalk to the vehicle. It was beautiful!!! I’ll never forget it! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So a year has gone by… I miss Mother so much. Sometimes I’ve needed to ask her a question. Sometimes I’ve just needed to be with her. I’m so thankful for her personal relationship with Jesus and that she and Dad taught me to love and trust Jesus. I also have a personal relationship with Jesus so I know, without a doubt, that I’ll see her again! The Bible tells me so!


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