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Fit As A Fiddle

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Family members were gathering around Mother knowing she could leave us at any time. She was 99 1/2 years old. These pictures of Mother and Lisa were taken at her 99th birthday party!

LisaLisa, my niece, had been eating lunch with Mother, every Wednesday, for months. It was a time they both treasured. This was a sad time for Lisa and for all of us. She came in the room, went right to Mother, took her hand and said, sadly, “How are ya feelin, Grandma?” 

To which Mother replied, in a rather weak, but determined voice , “I’m fit as a fiddle!”

We all broke out in laughter! It was just what we needed! The sad, heavy atmosphere was gone!

Later that day, when it was just Mother and me, she told me sadly that she didn’t think she’d make it to 100! I told her I loved her and how good it was that we had had a big party for her at 99 years when she was feeling good. She smiled and said, “Yes, it was a good party!”

Just to let you know how good it was, let me list the states family came from: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina and Tennessee! Oh, I do hope I’m not missing anyone! We had a wonderful time celebrating Mother!   

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